Global Appeal Dead at Ellis

According to the chart for the 5th race at Ellis Park July 4, Global Appeal finished just fine – in fact, “second-best,” earner of $10,200 for his people. But, according to a recent disclosure by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, “the colt showed some lameness walking off the track post-race and became increasingly lame during the cool-out.” Then: “Radiographs were taken, and after consulting with a surgeon the following day, the colt was euthanized due to the severity of his injuries [comminuted slab fracture] and a poor prognosis.” Global was three years old.

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  1. ‘a comminuted slab fracture’ and horse ‘showed some lameness’ walking off the track. A comminuted fracture involves a number of broken bones in the leg and usually the skin is broken and i’d be very surprised if GA’s skin was not broken.
    How much attention was given to this horse’s ‘lameness’ when allegedly walking off the track when he was highly likely limping and struggling to walk?
    This poor horse would’ve been in excruciating pain.
    Being a prey animal the horse goes to incredible lengths to hide that he’s in pain. Self preservation is 24/7 for these magnificent creatures. He cannot yelp like a dog – a predator animal. And the equine educated human knows this. BUT the global horseracing industry continues to watch these innocent defenceless voiceless noble creatures suffer and die every single day.
    Sooo SICK!

    • x x, while I’m in agreement with the majority of your comment, it’s a compound or open fracture in which the bone breaks through the skin – a comminuted fracture simply means the bone has broken into more than two pieces.

      I also don’t doubt that Global Appeal was NOT three-legged lame leaving the track but with a bit more time, the evidence of his serious injury became more pronounced with increasing lameness. The adrenaline released during the stress of the race would surely mask the pain right after the race.

      We saw this quite often with horses we took directly from the track hours after their last race…some finished quite “well” (even in first), but were severely lame by the time we got them.

  2. In memory of Bridget Moloney…..9/25/2019
    We will never forget your injustice and you stay in our hearts still.

  3. I have a hard time believing this colt didn’t show some signs of lameness before the race – even if it was just “off days” or changes in personality. I could always tell when my first horse’s arthritis was bothering him – no lameness, he just went from being a total sweetheart to ears-back-at-everything-don’t-come-near-me. Not that his connections would have noticed or even cared. Just get a stud chain in his mouth for control and get him to the starting gate.

    • The excessive use of lip chains & tongue ties was a big turn off to our participation in racing!! Hated those procedures! Our horses have NEVER had twitches or lip chains applied by us ever. Even with having to do a major stitching up of a torn open shoulder that required MANY stitches The Woman vet asked how we proposed to tranquilize him so she could sew his shoulder up. We said get your tranquilizer ready & that our method of distraction though different, that uses & relies on NO PAIN does work. When she saw our method, she was kind of shocked & she said most people would not use it. Those equines we give affection & attention to will suffer no pain from us ever!

  4. The connections of GLOBAL APPEAL are/were barbaric, cold-hearted, cruel, and demented to subject any horse to the CRUELTY of HORSERACING in the first place, but to see that GLOBAL APPEAL was lame after the race and during the cooling out period and make the horse wait overnight in a stall in pain only to be euthanized/killed/put out of his misery says volumes about the level and degree of barbaric brutality and sadistic cruelty these degenerate human beings seem to love to inflict on horses for purse money and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING. This egregious Animal Cruelty must be recognized as such and punished!!!!!!!!! Horseracing must be outlawed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Horses are meant to be beloved members of the family. The racing of horses must be ended! These jerks who cause the abuse and suffering of horses should find a more appropriate way to earn a living.

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