“We have a bad accident here…”

3-year-old Kj Chico in the 5th at Monticello Tuesday: “fell during race…euthanized.”

“We have a bad accident here…”

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  1. That was horrible!!! The announcer didn’t even try to hide it, which is unusual. He did warn the other drivers to go wide to avoid the accident to prevent more accidents. IF they would just stop racing completely, it would prevent a lot of accidents caused by the abusive practices inherent to racing. The horses don’t deserve this hideous exploitation!!!

  2. Why do we have harness racing? It seems just as barbaric as rodeo’s chuck wagon races. Does anyone really think people (unless they were drunk), who drove horses pulling any cart/wagon on wheels, EVER “raced” them? GAMBLING and GREED are again the primary drivers of this useless, artificially constructed activity, with no concern for the horses (other than shedding a few crocodile tears for the press and public after an “accident”).

  3. The WHOLE Horseracing racket is an ACCIDENT — it’s one huge MISTAKE — SHUT DOWN this EVIL Industry — FOREVER

  4. The best way to sum up horse racing is the never- ending feeling of impending DOOM. It gnaws away at your stomach. Because…..everyday there is unnecessary, pointless deaths, of an animal that fought wars for us, plowed our fields,and provided life saving transport. And…. this is how we repay them. VILE.

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