Colt Killed First Time Out at Parx

The 1st at Parx yesterday: “Forgotten Magic suffered a catastrophic leg injury at the top of the stretch and was subsequently euthanized.” Forgotten was two, and this was his very first time under the whip. Once again, though, all was not lost for his exploiters – owner In The Money Racing, trainer Jorge Diaz, jockey Luis Ocasio – as they still pocketed $250 for Forgotten’s efforts. Imagine that.

If you haven’t already, please sign and share our petition to end the subsidized abuse and killing of horses in Pennsylvania. Also, I will be doing another short webinar for Education Voters of PA this coming Monday at 7 pm. Registration here.

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  1. Abomination (as Kelly said) is a fitting word to describe this industry of exploiting horses for purse money and betting on the horses. Abusing young, underdeveloped colts and fillies to life-ending catastrophic breakdowns is absolutely an abomination!

  2. Okay, serious question, here:

    Is there any place more disgusting than this hideous, horse-killing, taxpayer-funded monstrosity known as Parx?
    No, really. ALL the venues in this awful abomination of equine-life-destroying, gambling-addiction-fed-horror-show-anti-sport DIRECTLY kill at least one horse each and every week they’re operational. And they ALL contribute dozens more over-bred victims each and every week to the unwanted horse population, which funnels DIRECTLY into the slaughter pipeline. Therefore, ALL horse racing tracks in America are just horrible, predatory, greed-driven hellholes of horse-death-processing carnage and mayhem.
    But isn’t it probable that ONE of these above-described slaughter pits is even worse than the others? If so, that one, which rises above (below) all others, absolutely has to be Parx Racing in Bensalem, Penn. (They certainly seem to lead the whole Vile Brigade in kills, corruption, taxpayer fraud and celebration of abuse/drugs/cruelty/ignorance of equine welfare.) And, since this is their Big Week in the national spotlight, I think they probably deserve special credit for likely holding and maintaining the title of Worst of the Worst.

    So, congrats, Parx. And keep up the, um…work you do;(

    • I think Parx stands out as one of the worst racetracks for abusing horses and causing the deaths of racehorses, but a horse killed in one state is just as dead as a horse killed in another state. Every aspect of HORSERACING is INHERENTLY CRUEL to the horses in every state in the USA and in every country that exploits horses for gambling and racing. Also, horses are not safe in any area of “riding discipline” and that also includes the BLM Mustangs for adoption. I just read a comment on an online article that said he gets about 150 to 200 pounds of meat out of a horse/Mustang. He said he tells his mother-in-law that it is moose and she likes it. GAG!!!!!! BARF!!!!!!

      • Sound like a great guy. I wonder if he also feeds his family the remains of dogs and cats? Humans? I mean, why not? Just tell ’em it’s meat of some kind, and don’t accept those pesky societal standards of consumption, right?

        • It’s too disgusting and disturbing to think about, but it crossed my mind what evil some people will stoop to in this world.

  3. I think ny, and ca are the worst. Can’t get worse than those two. That said …. they are ALL gross. The big magoofa of california is the CHEATING worst. Sheer volume of KILLING ….also ny and ca. You take down those two (ny,ca), it’s goodbye horse racing. Those two are the “lynchpins”. Killing lynchpins takes the whole racket down.

    • But don’t you think the tracks in New York and, to a lesser extent, California, “suffer” from their mandated horse death reporting requirements? NY may report the most kills, but it’s a huge stretch to think that means they HAVE the most. And Cali is SUPPOSED to publicly report its racehorse kills (after the SADT’s “Disaster Meet” of 2019), but they’ve found sneaky ways around doing so. (Yay for the CHRB;)
      I think all the other racing states have their “regulators” on-board with them in actively hiding their carnage from the public. And from Patrick.

      *But LOL at the “big magoofa…” I’m pretty sure you mean Slimebob. He’s certainly enjoyed all the HORSE-KILLING BENEFITS bestowed upon him by the esteemed Board over the years, hasn’t he?

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