This Jess Can Dash Crumpling at Prairie

This Jess Can Dash in the 3rd at Prairie yesterday: “stumbled at the start, fell and was vanned off.” Here is what that looked like:

But fret not, said track announcer Bobby Neuman at the race’s conclusion: “Happy to report jockey Brett Birzer is up and walking around after the incident shortly after the start.” The (likely) dead horse – you know the one involved in the “incident”? Not a word. Now, on to the next race! My contempt for these people deepens every day.

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  1. I took a little searching but chart says vanned off. Kind of doubt that with the look of that severe fall.1/4 horse races from what we have read are the most dangerous races to ride in because of the explosive speed demanded right out of the gate. Typical for a track announcer to not say anything of the poor horses fate after this terrible hard fall.

  2. It looked like more than a broken leg. Never struggled to get up with both front and back right legs sticking straight outward. It looked like a heart attack, spinal or pelvic injury. I am sure he is dead after the van ride and thrown into the death pit on the back side of the track. R.I.P. “This Jess Can Dash” as you are no longer being tortured. Rest easy.

  3. That was the weirdest breakdown that I have ever seen of the videos of racehorses breaking down. The horse THIS JESS CAN DASH went down shortly after the gates opened and laid on the ground with his legs sticking out as though he had been dead for a week. This is horrendously disturbing and the people who do this are morally depraved to continue to do this to horses day in and day out.

    • Agree Wanda. We have seen several track breakdowns in person when we used to be an active participant. This was the weirdest one we have seen in 40+ years! !/4`a are known to be full of almost everything that owners/ trainers can ply the horses with to win races.

  4. I’m sorry but the horse looked as though it died as soon it hit the track….but of course the commentator only cares about the jockey ‘being okay’, never mind a ‘dead’ horse being carted away like a piece of garbage.

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