Squeezadios Killed at Gulfstream

Squeezadios’ joy – because you know, Thoroughbreds “love to compete” – took a turn at Gulfstream yesterday: “Squeezadios dueled early, suffered a catastrophic injury near the nine-sixteenths marker and was euthanized.” The track, by the way, was rated “sloppy” by Equibase. And that it was. Here’s the replay, with the ugliness, which included another horse “stumbling over [his] fallen rival,” whitewashed by Gulfstream.

A reader, however, sent me this clip:

Squeezadios was five years old.

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  1. How dare they subject these horses to gallop for their lives whilst being whipped to make them go faster, when they’re already giving their physiological and psychological best, on a dangerous track surface.
    How bloody dare they!

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