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Baltimore Bucko Thursday at Belmont:

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  1. Horseracing inherently abuses and kills horses and must be recognized and punished as Animal Cruelty! There is nothing good about the evils of horseracing. There is nothing virtuous about Pari-Mutuel gambling or using horses as gambling chips!

  2. Oh his trainer Keri Brion has already defended that poor, sweet horse’s horrific death. Brion stated; “[Bucko] went out doing what he loved doing…”. And breaking his neck was, I guess, the “down” in the “ups and downs” Brion experienced that day…dead Bucko was quickly forgotten when another of her equine racing slaves “won” a following race.

    These people are sick.

    • Oh no ! Not the old and ridiculous mantra, he died doing what he loved.
      Do these leeches think people are that gullible!? How insulting!
      All these horses “love” what they are doing even unto death!!!
      You killed your horse lady !! There is no justification for it.

      • Rose, these freaking LEECHES (perfect descriptor) have no shame – they are arguing on Twitter about which horse (the dead Baltimore Bucko or Perfect Tapatino who collided with the downed Baltimore Bucko) made the “unfortunate mistake”! The LEECHES are blameless!…the horse is dead because HE made a “mistake”! Patrick is right, these people are vile.

    • As if a horse WANTS to die breaking their neck in a collision with another horse. These people are vomit-inducing with their sheer callous idiocy.

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