4-Year-Old “Receives” Fracture at Finger Lakes

4-year-old Wellbehavedman this morning at Finger Lakes, according to the Gaming Commission: “never-raced horse received fx to the right scapula during a.m. training, necessitating euthanasia on the track.” Ah yes, he “received” the fracture. Vile.

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  1. WELLBEHAVEDMAN is listed on the race card for Monday, September 20, 2021. Finger Lakes Race #9, 2:02 PM, 6F, Dirt, Maiden Special Weight, Open I 3 Year Olds And Up. Purse: $32,100 — Number 5 (of 11 horses entered to run). Sire: Encaustic; Trainer: Victor Dean, III; Jockey: Tamay B. Alpander; Morning-Line Odds: 15/1…

    What sense does all of this horrendous abuse of horses make???

    • Wanda, sadly it makes sense when you consider the participants in this Business have no honor, dignity, Kindness, empathy, respect for animals or a conscience.
      I call on everone in the horse racing industry to re examine yourself , your Job and make a change. Please.

      • I understand that the people who abuse, injure and kill horses are possibly getting income from various sources. What kind of a job could the handicapper or track employee get, if he/she was not setting the morning-line odds on racehorses entered in races to be run in future-time…? The moral depravity of abusing horses for a “living” needs to be punished. The tax breaks and the subsidies to this heinous cruelty to horses needs to be stopped, banned.
        It takes a psychopath to take a horse and cause life-ending injuries to the horse. It’s Animal Cruelty and must be recognized and punished as Animal Cruelty.

    • Precisely what I was thinking Rebecca… “receives” a fx just like receiving a gift. Damn Monsters!!

    • Well, they are Kings, after all: “I grant thee…a severed spine. Or a shattered pelvis or shoulder. Or a fractured sesamoid/cannon bone or two. Or a one-way ticket to a Canadian slaughterhouse. For I am Royalty, and I AM HORSE RACING.”

      • The visual on this makes so much sense. You can almost see certain faces wearing the crown and holding that court.

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