Filly Killed at Golden Gate; 31 (That We Know About) Dead at the Two Stronach-Owned Cal Tracks This Year

2-year-old Esperada was killed training at Golden Gate Sunday. She was being prepped for her first race. For Golden Gate, this makes 17 (that we know about) dead racehorses on the year; for the two Stronach-owned California tracks combined (GG, Santa Anita), 31. Is this what is to pass for “progress” in the 21st Century?


  1. The Stronach Group are perpetrators and facilitators of abuse of horses. They make themselves depisable by what they do to horses and promoting the falsehood that their racetracks are safe. Their racetracks are not safe for horses. The forcing of horses, especially immature colts and fillies, to run fast and carrying weight is not a safe activity anywhere!
    The Stronach Group needs to be prosecuted and punished for their demented crimes against horses. Their corruption and distortion of facts, twisting reality into a kind of fantasy that some people are deceived by, needs to be prosecuted, punished and ended!!!

  2. Esperada never had a chance at life, she was just a baby that never had one race. I’ve always heard that man’s his worst enemy, they ruin everything that is good in this world and horseracing ruins the chance of a life for hundreds of horses.

  3. I too was thinking how short her life was. Her only happiness was when she was with her mom, then came the horrors…

    • Perfectly said Susan. That’s the reality for all the baby horses….that time with their Momma was the only kindness they ever had.

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