An Ugly, Ugly Monday

While I typically post a weekly list of the lame/bled/vanned off, yesterday’s charts were so egregious, I thought I’d do a daily recap. So, in addition to the one horse we know died – Honor Award at Del Mar – there were these:

(I will, of course, update as information comes in.)

Above Nike “broke through the fence” at Fairmount
Princess Mandii “fell, DNF” at Fairmount
Amani’s Kitten “bled” at Kentucky
Alice Harper “injured at the gate” at Parx
True Upgrade “fell, DNF” at Parx
Ghosted “fell, vanned off” at Prairie
Chikibaby “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Jess Savin Candy “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Awesome Debate “vanned off” at Saratoga
Tale of Reese “returned bleeding from the nostrils” at Thistledown
Mail Call “returned bleeding” at Timonium

Here is what it looked like for True Upgrade at Parx…

And Ghosted at Prairie…

And finally, Above Nike “breaking through the fence” at Fairmount…

Again, that’s just one day on American racetracks. For shame to the people who chose to spend their holiday making this cruelty and killing possible. For shame.


  1. For shame is right. What is wrong with our society when people CHOOSE to spend their time watching horses suffer from injury and death?

  2. Looks like hope for True Upgrade but Ghosted does not look like he stood a chance. And can you not hear someone complaining about fixing the fence at that junkyard???? I just DONOT get it how this disgrace continues and is applauded as a tradition or whatever.

  3. The suffering and death of these horses this Labor Day certainly proved and more than amply demonstrated that horseracing is pure carnage. So, so sad.

  4. Why did the jockey abandon Ghosted when obviously something was terribly wrong? Very, very sad when people accept something like this happening during every race day while all of them are drinking and feeling good!

    • Sharon, if you want to see jockey abandonment at its worst please check the April 1, 2019 video of Armsrunner and LaSardane falling and the 2 little jockeys just walking away. Armsrunner was looking for some comfort from the jockey and none to be found. I still get disgusted when thinking about this accident.

      • Did you know that Armsrunner was Eight Belle’s brother? It was amazing how little was said about that and how quickly he was forgotten by his “loving” abusers.

        • I’m wrong…All Hands was her brother. Anyway, none of it is ok… and breeding poor bone structure and running these babies is horrifying. The racing apologists use nonspecific phrases like “.. with heavy hearts..” as a manipulation to deflect from their abject depravity.

  5. Thank you to Patrick and the HW team for covering yesterday’s (conceded) nationwide carnage. Let’s remember that these are only the horrors that were admitted to by the chart callers/writers, all of whom work for and within this cruel, sick industry. So all the OTHER scenes of Labor Day equine injury and Death by Racing have been conveniently omitted from the “official” record.
    Plus, no one still involved in this anti-sport is gonna tattle on their fellow horse killers. (Too much to lose, because of us “crazy, extremist, animal rights nutcases.”;)

  6. Utterly disgusting how some chose to spend their holiday. No day off for the poor horses. No,no no they are forced to “entertain” the damn mob. Shame on you all supporters of the incessant carnage. Despicable “human” beings!!!

  7. Bloody, bloody Monday….and every other day for these horses. How people cannot see that is beyond me.

  8. The All-American Futurity (440 yards) for 2-year-old Quarter Horses and the All-American Derby for 3-year-old Quarter Horses were run on Labor Day. The purse money for these races are evidently more important to many people than the “safety” and well-being of horses. I don’t know how they can think that it is okay to sacrifice any young horse’s life for this so-called prestigious race. What makes it “prestigious” to anyone or anyone in racing??? Other than the purse money and the gambling bets, what is the fascination to watch doped-up colts or fillies being forced to run 440 yards in about 22 seconds or less knowing that the bodies of these young colts and fillies are going to break down at some point in some way, shape or form?
    In all of racing, there needs to be a counter reporting of the horses that didn’t win and didn’t make it through the trials. Thank you, Patrick, for reporting on the horses that didn’t make it!

  9. I wish I had some sympathy/empathy for the jockeys that go down with a horse but I have nary a shred of either. They are beating them to move beyond their norm, pushing them to their heinous injuries and subsequent deaths. I can’t stand the sight of them.

  10. I was hoping that with the end of summer the carnage caused by the unspeakable cruelties of horse racing would slow down, but the interests of organized crime know no season.

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