Two More Kills at NYRA Tracks

This morning at Saratoga, Tivoli Twirl was euthanized, according to the Gaming Commission, “due to severe health complications” – whatever that means. Tivoli was three and had been put to the whip five times, most recently on August 11.

Meanwhile, downstate, Everyoneloveslily “broke down after the wire” at Belmont – “euthanized on track.” She also was three; she was being prepped for her debut.

That makes 53 dead horses at NYRA tracks in 2021. What more can I say?


  1. Oh, New York. When will you learn?
    You need to stop admitting to nearly all your kills, you silly regulators; you’re making all the other racing states look bad. They all spend a lot of time and resources HIDING their baby racehorse deaths, and pretending they don’t occur. Frankly, YOU’RE DESTROYING THAT “SAFETY” ILLUSION/DELUSION, with your kill admissions every couple of days. So you’d better knock that shit off.
    (Helpful Hint: just do as the CHRB does, and only publicly tally up every fourth or fifth kill. Works wonders for their super-safe, equine life-saving, California safety image, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for yours;)
    You’re welcome.

  2. DEVASTATING! Obviosly they don’t care as much about the horses as they all claim! The horses lives only matter if they’re winning otherwise they are thrown away like trash who cares if they are only 2 or 3 years old! That should be their motto—money, money, money!

  3. WHO IS THIS PATHETIC Griffin women think who is trying to make the deaths of the horses seem less . I would say she has her fingers in the money pot in some way , I guess she has forgotten We have a Constitution . GREED MAKES ONE MIND GO BLNK WHEN IT COMES TO THEM GETTING RICH OFF THE DEATHS OF RACEHORSES

    • She is a faithful supporter of ending the Sport of Kings/Horse-killings and she has an uncanny knack for being SARCASTIC.

      • I believe Ms.Griffin’s must have been absent the day her HS English class read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” There’s always one who doesn’t get it.

  4. Horse-Racing, is as brutal as Bulls in a ring. Yet , it is NOT BANNED! Killing Horese after Horses, , by the “Human Killing Machines! & that pro- Horse Racing Fan, , wants to HIDE their Horrible Deaths? I wish SHE was a Horse being put down, this is a Disgrace. For The US & elsewhere! Their Suffering before their Deaths , cannot be imagined!! Dirty Rotten Humans!!!

    • ATTENTION: Kelly Griffin’s comments suggesting that the racing commissioners in New York hide the actual number of racehorses killed by racing in New York as the California Horse Racing Board hides the actual number of racehorses killed by racing in California ARE PURELY SARCASM/SATIRE.
      I know Kelly’s comment was coming from her contempt for the racing industry!!! This INDUSTRY of exploiting horses as gambling chips/tools willfully continues to hurt, maim, cripple and kill horses and, as if that is not bad enough, the commissioners hide the actual number of racehorses killed in order to DECEIVE THE PUBLIC into believing that their racetracks are “safe” and that they have the “best safety record” which is a total falsehood!!!!
      P.S. You won’t see us standing in line to buy the “Brooklyn Bridge” any time soon or ever!

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