Expose and Educate

Saturday, HW was out in force – over 60 activists – at Saratoga Race Course for our annual Travers Day protest. And once again, we contracted two mobile billboards (having previously done so for the Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes) to traverse the city throughout the course of the day. Expose and educate – our mantra.

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  1. Thank you all. I only wish I could have participated with you on Saturday. Thank you for being there. I’m sure the poor horses confined to their tiny stalls within the gates of Saratoga track thank you as well.

  2. It was so great to see all those people protesting at Saratoga on Saturday. More people need to know how many horses die in horseracing during training or the actual races! Why isn’t this considered animal abuse by the United States Humane Society, where are they?????

  3. The Humane Society will not speak out against racing.
    It may be for political reasons and, of course, money is tied in somehow.
    It is against horse slaughter even though racing is responsible for the 10,000 or more Thoroughbreds being butchered year after year along with thousands of Standardbreds.
    It is hypocritical for the HSUS not to oppose a business responsible for such abject cruelty at ALL levels..

  4. The wonderful video truck is very effective. Unless it would make people turn away, I hope it included an image of a horse being whipped and one being “vanned” away. Thanks for the immense effort and planning that goes into such a great protest!

  5. The thing with these so called ‘people’,if that GRUESOME,EVIL,vomit inducing Eight Belles Kentucky Derby,didn’t turn off these bottom feeders….WTF will???????????????

  6. Thank you to all the people who participated in the protest! Thank you to everyone who made it possible with their donations of money, time, effort and everything! I can only wonder how many people who see the protesters are affected by what is printed on the signs and the box trucks. When “racing fans and bettors” see these trucks and the signs and the people protesting, it has to have an affect on some individuals. I always wonder how many people will not bet on a horse as a result of seeing those pictures of horses being abused and brutalized. The slaughter pictures have to have some affect on the young people possibly more so than the hardened psychopathic adults.

  7. I’ll watch for a Del Mar protest next season! Would love to participate and I can ask for other volunteers

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