How to Kill a Horse, by Karl Meeks

The entirety of Magicians Diva’s “career”:
Made Apr 2, 2017.
First race, Nov 21, 2020, at Charles Town: last of 8, 29+ lengths back.
Race 2, Feb 25, 2021, at Charles Town: last of 8, 11+ back.
Race 3, Apr 9 at Charles Town: “pulled up with fatal injury…euthanized on the track.”

The entirety of Big’s “career”:
Made May 7, 2018.
First race, Mar 26, 2021, at Turfway: last, 38+ lengths back (after “rowdy in gate”).
Race 2, May 7 at Belterra: “went down on far turn; open, compound fracture” – dead.

The entirety of B’s Wild Man’s “career”:
Made Feb 26, 2017.
First race, Jul 5, 2019, at Charles Town: 4th, 7 lengths back.
Race 2, Jul 24, 2020, at Charles Town: last, 24+ back.
Race 3, Aug 25, 2020, at Mountaineer: last, 31+ back.
Race 4, Sep 20, 2020, at Mountaineer: second-to-last, 29+ back.
Race 5, Dec 2, 2020, at Mountaineer: last, 26 back.
Race 6, Dec 15, 2020, at Mountaineer: last, 25+ back.
Race 7, Dec 23, 2020, at Mountaineer: second-to-last, 18+ back.
Race 8, May 2, 2021, at Mountaineer: 5th, 25+ back.
Race 9, May 19 at Mountaineer: second-to-last, 19+ back.
Race 10, May 31 at Mountaineer: 6th, 14+ back.
Race 11, Jun 16 at Mountaineer: “hit gate, bolted, jumped: severed spinal cord [dead].”

For the final nine of the above, including the “severed spinal cord” race, B’s Wild Man was owned and trained by Karl Meeks. Meeks ran this poor, young boy into the ground – to his death. Not coincidentally, Mountaineer is a racino, meaning its purses are artificially jacked with slots money, also meaning it can pay first through last. So, even with those no-chance finishes, Meeks was still cashing in on B’s, laughing all the way to the bank, laughing all the way to the landfill. What a horrible human being.

The death of B’s Wild Man…

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  1. Here we are in the 21st century and these atrocities committed upon these poor horses are allowed to continue…?

    O U T R A G E O U S

  2. This is all very disgusting and disturbing!!! This is not the first time we’ve seen the pictures or a video of this horse, B’S WILD MAN, going over the rail. Did he honestly get dumped at the landfill? I read that Mountaineer was going to have necropsies done on killed horses after the publicity of BRIDGET MOLONEY being dumped in a landfill brought attention to the heartless disposal of dead racehorses.
    B’S WILD MAN earned $2,406 in his short life. He never finished first, second, or third. Karl Meeks is repulsive!!!

  3. Karl Meeks just unloaded Tapitor last night at Mountaineer – the 6-year-old gelding was claimed for 4K from Meeks by Edwin Vizcarrondo for (owner) El Du-ra-ko Racing. This poor gelding is going from racing hell here in the States to (an even worse) racing hell in PR. 💔

    • It should be outlawed to send horses to Puerto Rico! The United States should make shipping used up racehorses to Puerto Rico illegal. Of course, all HORSERACING should be made illegal but in the meantime at least stop shipping horses to Puerto Rico, especially by sea.
      The Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare will run out of funding and have to close in January according to what I read. That means so many horses being shipped to PR will be killed in whatever way they kill them, whether it is a crude and INHUMANE method or not. But first the horses will have to suffer with all their different injuries and chronic conditions. Many of these lower-level horses might already be suffering from conditions such as arthritis and degenerative joint disease before they are sold to Puerto Rican racing participants.

    • I thought horses were not shipped to Puerto Rico during the hot months!?
      Probably one more lie from this depraved business.
      And the Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare will close its doors in Jan. due to a big influx of “cheap” horses from the US and no source of definite funding..
      God help the unfortunate horses with not even a slim chance of escape from pure horse hell.

  4. This man should never own a horse EVER! Why are people like this allowed to have any kind of an animal? So disgusting!

  5. Always amusing to hear racing apologists claim that they’re trying to rid their anti-sport of the likes of Meeks (and Sipp, and Baffert/Brown/Cox/Miller/Pletcher), and all the other butchers-posing-as-trainers their sick game employs. But they’ll never kick ’em out, because they’d be left with ZERO so-called trainers if they did.
    They ALL have a shit-ton of horse kills under their belts. And the longer they’ve been at it, the more dead young horses they’ve accrued.

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