The Video Doesn’t Lie: Amber Cobb Is a Vile Human Being; The Delaware Racing Commission Is a Travesty

Last month, I posted about the animal-abusing trainer Amber Cobb. Yesterday, the Paulick Report filed a lengthy piece detailing Cobb’s cruelty. With it, came a video (below) obtained through a FOIA request. That video, shot in February, and testimony (to the Delaware Racing Commission) came from Lisa Whittaker, a former groom for Cobb. Here is some of what she said to the commissioners:

“Her methods are brutal. She is very heavy-handed. If they are slightly out of line, and these are young horses, she’s screaming at them to whoa and hitting them with a whip. They don’t understand why. She flips horses over all the time. She’ll pull on their mouths when they’re ground driving. She’s screaming at them, she’s whipping them, and there’s nowhere for them to go but up.”

From the article: “At the beginning of the 2021 Delaware Park meet, Whittaker recalled a horse – a bay colt – who was being taught to use the automatic walker. The horse broke loose and ran around the Delaware Park property for an extended period of time. When they finally caught him, the overwrought horse didn’t want to go into his stall. Whittaker testified that Cobb beat the colt in the head with a chain shank to get him to back into the stall. She also said Cobb told her to withhold feed from the horse for four days afterwards.”

The rest of the article details Cobb’s “defense,” and the reasons the Commission reduced from two years to two months. For example: “[S]everal commissioners remarked during public deliberations that they were impressed with Cobb…. ‘You were articulate,’ said chairman W. Duncan Patterson Jr. ‘You were an excellent witness.'” Now, watch the video. But be forewarned, it’s very bad.

This is the person the Delaware Racing Commission was “impressed with.” (And yes, they saw this video before making those comments and commuting her sentence.)

By the way, here are just some of the horses Cobb, as trainer, had a hand in killing over the past few years. (The last two were “wash-bay incidents.”)

4-year-old Private Thrill, Sep 3, 2016, Finger Lakes racing

3-year-old Justenuffaddie, Nov 30, 2016, Finger Lakes racing

3-year-old Last Chant, Nov 15, 2018, Finger Lakes racing

4-year-old Take Charge Jamie, Aug 24, 2019, Finger Lakes training

2-year-old Sky High Interest, Jun 12, 2020, Finger Lakes: “flipped…sustained head injury requiring euthanasia”

5-year-old Diamond Darlin, Jul 20, 2020, Delaware: “horse reared and fell, hit head, fractured skull, ruptured major artery – died” (note: not euthanized, just died)


  1. I have never commented but this was horrendous! That poor horse was panic stricken and in total “flight” mode. All she had to do was walk away for a minute.

    This horse is going to have serious issues post racetrack (if it survives) as well due to this abuse. IF HE/SHE COMES OFF THE TRACK, FIRST GO FARM WOULD LIKE TO OFFER A HOME AND PROPER LOVE AND ATTENTION FOR THE CARE AND RETRAINING HE/SHE WILL OBVIOUSLY REQUIRE.

  2. It was too hard to finish. That horse pawing on the wall to get away… She should be thrown in jail for animal cruelty. I am in tears

      • Thanks for the link.Interesting website.This person should NEVER be allowed around horses again! Tying a horse in the back of a stall was DUMB! In event of problems One would have great difficulty freeing horses.This poor filly was clearly terrified of Amber Cobb!! Amber knows clearly NOTHING about the handling of horses. Wish we could bring her to our farm where she would not be afraid ever again & where she would proper attention & handling.We also don`t ever leave a horse tied up by itself even for a few minutes! Too many bad things can happen.

        • In this case, the young horse would have been much better off being left alone than being whipped and screamed at by a piece of crap human being that should never be allowed to be anywhere near any horse!!!! The Delaware Racing Commission stewards should be publicly humiliated (at the very least) for allowing this horrendous ABUSE of an innocent young filly!!!!

  3. The Delaware Racing Commission was “IMPRESSED” with this filthy scum? From the PR, the following;

    “Cobb said she’d never had another horse flip over with her before.

    “But in fact, she has. Cobb was asked about a horse who died in her care in 2020 after flipping over near a wash rack.

    “‘Oh’, Cobb said. ‘I forgot about her. I try to forget about her. She bolted off the wash rack and flipped over. It was an older horse … they think it was semi-heart attack related. She was an older horse.’

    “The horse’s name was not mentioned during the hearing, but Cobb had a 5-year-old mare named Diamond Darlin die while in her care at Delaware Park in July 2020. The mare flipped over leaving a wash rack with Cobb and fractured her skull. In June 2020, an unraced 2-year-old named Sky High Interest under Cobb’s care flipped over coming out of a wash bay at Finger Lakes and sustained a head injury requiring euthanasia, according to a report from the New York State Gaming Commission.”

    The horse she tried to FORGET ABOUT – she was “older”, Cobb stated?!? – well the TWO that flipped over and DIED – a month apart – were FIVE and TWO.

    Doesn’t take much to impress the DRC, now does it.

    • The fact that so many of her horses are flipping over speaks volumes about how this bitch handles them. A horse will only flip over if they have reached the point of desperation to escape their situation. She’s obviously an exceptionally abusive “trainer”.

    • Omg…I can’t believe that every one of the comments people have made here are EXACTLY what I have put in a letter. The exact same points. I’m sending the letter to the Secretary of Agriculture, as every member of the DTRC who voted in favour of reducing her suspension needs to be removed.
      I haven’t heard anything about criminal charges being laid. Is that a possibility in Delaware? (I’m in Canada).

  4. This is an abuse of the worst kind! Amber Cobb is not a trainer, but an abuser who should not be allowed to own any animals! Where are the animal police while this is going on? Handcuffs and jail!
    Despicable Human.

  5. I sent this information to a couple news stations in Delaware. This needs to get out in the public. Disgusting human being needs to be arrested

    Best wishes, Mari Cartagenova


  6. As I know there is an animal welfare law in the USA. I don’t know what it says but isn’t this treatment punishable? For what does a law like that exist? It should protect animals of abuse and bad treatment… So what is it what she is doing?

  7. Amber Cobb is a real piece of shit and so are all of the racing commissioners and stewards. They are all animal abusers! They all should have to be tied up so they can’t get away and be whipped and screamed at!!! Then they all should be locked up for life in prison plus 99 YEARS!!!!

    • I agree. She needs to go to a psychiatrist for a mental assessment. She uses any excuse to beat on the horses even if they are just breathing.
      She will never change. The only way to protect animals is to never allow her near them in the future. Why did the owners of those horses she killed not sue her ?
      There needs to be a set of rules that any abuse of horses like that will not be tolerated. The person will be automatically gone. In her case she needs to go to Mars and stay there.
      Everyone in the US and Canada will hear about this.

  8. This is the message I sent to her.
    I encourage everyone to do the same…
    Hello there,
    Just saw a video of you screaming at and otherwise terrorizing a horse.
    Wow, just wow.
    After the horse had flipped and was lying there in terror, heaving for air, I love how you ran into the stall and when you unhooked the poor animal you scurried away like the pathetic, slithering, scared creature you are. Because you know that horse could stomp you into the ground. But horses by nature are highly submissive animals when they understand what you want of them. You may get away with your actions here on this Earth, but no one can escape justice. There will be a price to pay for causing such suffering.
    It is not too late to change who you are. From your picture on your website, your eyes are wide and psychopathic looking. You need help, and it is out there.
    Best of luck to you

  9. This video is the second one this week where I said if putting my thoughts down, it would be deleted. So for Ms Cobb (hopefully not Mrs…I’d fear for her husband and kids) like the first video this week where I said NO MERCY when your time is up.

    • Not a Mrs., but she does have 2 beautiful young children that I fear for. And the person that untied the horse (and called the horse a bitch) is her boyfriend, Jamie Rodriguez, who is a jockey.

    • I agree, Nancy!!! It will probably take a full page advertisement costing lots of money to have this atrocious torture of a young horse in the paper, because there’s so much other news that some piece of crap human being beating the hell out of a young Thoroughbred horse and screaming at the horse while the horse is tied up inside of the stall is probably not going to make headlines in the national news.

      • Wanda, this happened in New Jersey from my snooping around. So lets add The Star Ledger to the list of papers. Also Andy Kim congressman from NJ. He does seem to listen.

  10. Amber Cobb needs to be fired immediately and the Commission ought to ban her forever! The Commissioners must be complete idiots to not accept what their own eyes should see.

  11. No words for you bitch – you should die horribly and painfully – you don’t deserve to breathe the air these gorgeous horses do – you are a complete f*cking idiot with not a clue. The world would be so much better with you gone.

  12. The Commissioners are the same ilk as this psychopathic, heartless abuser Cobb. They all stick together against the caring public, most of whom find all these atrocities unconscionable. I do not even attempt to watch this video, but I’m sure it is not in the least bit shocking or disturbing to the Commissioners because it’s every-day life in their vile industry. They deal out a tiny slap on the wrist to the perpetrator in order to fake “justice”. Such rotten, primitive, greedy, egotistical, heartless troglodytes they ALL are. I’m for sharing this video with every media outlet across the country. Horse racing is NOT a sport!!! SHUT IT ALL DOWN!!!!

  13. Left her a message on her site. She won’t respond, but her kind never do. She’s just like all the other racing industry trainers who got their horsemanship degree from the bottom of a box of Corn Flakes, and can’t do anything but abuse and dominate horses because they don’t have a God-given clue how to communicate with them, nor do they want to. They’ve gotten a taste of power and they like it. Sadly, I’ve seen exactly the same kind of behavior toward horses at other facilities, and no one has ever spoken up on behalf of the horses – except me, and I’ve been called every name under the sun and told to leave the property because of it.
    What a horrible commentary on our society when Cruelty is commonplace.

  14. Are you fucking kidding me? I’d like to take a whip to her! That poor terrified horse! This is criminal. Why is she not doing time?

  15. The Delaware racing commission is a division of the state’s department of agriculture and they answer to the states attorney general. File a complaint against them with the AG office to investigate the racing commission decision.

    • Not true, that’s not a role of the attorney general. The ag dept is part of the executive branch, the attorney general represents the people of the state.

  16. What is wrong with the commissioners? Can’t they see with their own eyes how wrong this is? There definitely needs to be some new commissioners. This exactly why the race industry is failing. Instead of handling this case the way they should have they turned it into a joke. They thought she was articulate, well to bad he wasn’t smarter than to let her talk her way out of an abuse case! The commissioners are a laughing stock!

  17. You are a worthless piece of SHIT. I wish I could have 5 minutes in a stall with you tied up and me with the rake. Then we will see how you like it. You should be in jail and never be allowed around any animals.
    I hope your children are taken away from you and that idiot jockey friend of yours.
    This is not over BITCH. If you have the guts respond!!!

  18. She’s an animal abuser pure and simple. Animal abuse is a felony. She needs to be jailed.

  19. How can she be still allowed to go anywhere near these beautiful animals? They have more heart and soul than she does. The Delaware racing commission should be sacked, and replaced by caring rational members. Terminate her training licence and forbid her from having anything to do with any animals. 😖😖😠😠

    • Janet, the commissioners can’t honestly care about the horses. If they cared about horses, they would not be involved in horseracing. HORSERACING itself is Animal Cruelty! HORSERACING is INHERENTLY CRUEL AND INHUMANE. The Delaware Racing Commission members are more concerned about Amber Cobb than any horse. They didn’t want to “put her out of business” and you can read that yourself, if you like, in the article in the Paulick Report online.

  20. Omg she needs to be banned from racing for life and arrested for cruelty! This is why so many horses have issues after bad trainers. This type of cruel behavior does nothing but damage a horse mentality if they survive physically!❤️

  21. OMG, Cobb should be kicked out of horseracing, what a horrible way to train a horse or any animal. She beats them and yells at the same time, I couldn’t watch the video after I saw her hit the horse one time! How could anyone praise this woman’s training methods, they must be just a EVIL! I don’t understand why this woman hasn’t been charged with animal abuse when other abusers have been punished. These horses are terrified of her and other people in the racing business applaud her for the abuse, maybe they are afraid of Cobb also. If Cobb abuses horses like this it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets away with abusing children!

  22. Are usually don’t use via language but in this case it is completely warranted and I don’t care what anyone says this is just evil . You fucking evil cunt you’re going to hell for sure for being so cruel to an innocent animal you piece of shit… I hope somebody ties you up in a stall like that you are the epitome of evil hurting an innocent animal like that I hope you rot in hell…You can just see the fear in that animal I can’t believe anybody would possibly let this woman or this creature around another animal again especially a horse shut her down

  23. This monster has no business being around anyone’s horses I pray the right people see this video and fire her ass immediately

  24. Bitch! You need to be tied up and have a pitch fork stabbed in YOU! You need to be gone and never touch another horse!

  25. First of all, this case belongs in the courts not in front of a bunch of biased inept commissioners who caved to some attorney and “one of the most articulate people “they ever heard from the backend of Delaware Park!!

    Never mind she lied concerning the 2 horses she had flip over on her and die in 2020, one right there in Delaware Park and one in New York, as well as her treatment of this filly. Plus, statements such as “Yeah, but I didn’t hit her that hard” in reply to the question of whether threatening the horse would be more likely to result in the horse flipping over in the stall.
    To Cobb it is all about how hard you hit a horse (one tied to the wall at that) she doesn’t just “threaten” she goes right to the blows!!!

    The secretary-commissioner, Ed Stegemeier, said “maybe this was an isolated incident” and went on to say the horse’s reaction suggested it was NOT an isolated incident. He continued saying, “when the horse saw you had a pitchfork, the horse immediately reacted to you coming in, which said to me this has happened before, this was NOT the first time”.

    Unbelievable that Stegemeier then went on to vote for the 2 month suspension in place of 2 years!!
    Chairman Patterson even stated Cobb was an “excellent witness”. He should have added, in spite of your lying!
    Decker was the only commissioner who got it close to right. He said cruelty to animals whether one instance or not is unacceptable and whether a sentence would end a career should have no bearing on the sentence.
    The others were concerned about ending Cobb’s career!!!! Really!

    PS The filly, according to Cobb and Rodriguez, was sent back to her breeder, Saratoga Glen Farm, with the recommendation she not complete breaking over fears she was too dangerous!
    The danger here comes from the person screaming and beating with a pitchfork not from the horse standing quietly tied to a wall until the frightening out of control person enters the stall…

    Justice for the filly and and all the horses gone before and yet to come!

    • Cobb claims that she was afraid of the filly for coming at her and that she told the groom to NOT tie the horse up in the stall. None of these “articulate” statements sound true, but obviously the commissioners don’t care about the truth. Maybe the commissioners envy her ability to lie her ass off and pass the buck and have an attorney that can discredit the whistleblower. Lisa, the groom, was the one who got the pictures, the video with audio and reported Cobb. Otherwise, we would not be having this conversation. We would not be talking about Cobb unless she deliberately caused the death of the filly. I expect she will kill another horse. She is supposedly going to be able to resume her “business” as of September 20th from what I understand. I can only hope that there is some kind of intervention that prevents her from hurting more horses!

      • This video needs to be available to anyone who googles her name or any place we can think of so that others understand what kind of monster she is.

        • IF it were a law that ALL OF the gambling businesses, such as The Stronach Group, Expressbet, TVG, and so on, and ALL OF the racetracks had to disclose the number of racehorses injured and killed by racing every time they advertise their “business” on pop-up ads and their websites and Maps/Google, what a difference that would be! I call it TRUTH in advertising.

  26. Words fail to describe this monster. I also sent her a message…i don’t expect her to reply. These excrements never do. She does what she does because she gets away with murder (literally) and is allowed to continue abusing, terrorizing and killing innocent beings. This alone speaks volumes as to the depravity of this disgusting industry and those within it. This psychopath needs to be locked up where the sun never shines..

    • Omg…I can’t believe how many people’s responses are EXACTLY what I put in a letter I’m in the midst of composing.
      I too believe she has psychopathic tendencies, as well as indications of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder in addition to serious anger issues. The ease with which she compulsively lies is something to be noted too.
      God help any animal she’s ever trained. 😢
      This industry needs a major overhaul because what really terrifies me is that THIS was caught on video….and the DTRC blew it off as if it were nothing important….so what is REALLY GOING ON THAT WE HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT- and how much has the DTRC ignored and/or swept under the rug?? They should be removed from those positions immediately.

  27. That horse needs to kill that bitch. We can’t as a country but she is vile, she should never be near ANY animal again.

  28. I so pissed at this why is she able to do this.
    I have no words..the video has scared my eyes.
    I’m crying for these beautiful creatures.
    I hope the horse was ok.

    • I bawled. And was filled with a rage I couldn’t believe. All I can say is that she is LUCKY I can’t cross the border right now…because I was coming for her.
      And her OUTRIGHT LIES to the DTRC😮😮😮
      She was trying to keep the horse SAFE?????
      REALLY???? I didn’t realize screaming and swinging a fork at a chained, terrified horse- and CONTINUING TO SCREAM AND TERRORIZE IT AFTER IT WAS ON THE GROUND was a method used to CALM a horse and keep it safe. Evil bitch. Sorry- no other words to describe her. There isn’t a place in hell that burns hot enough for her.

    • That is EXACTLY what I said in a letter I’m in the midst of composing. Either she has gobs of money, or is well-connected to someone who does (ie. the breeding farm???)
      Time for a major clean-up in this industry- this whole mess reeks of money and corruption- and they need to start from the TOP down. The Secretary of Agriculture needs to remove every one of those corrupt bigots on the DTRC who voted to reduce her suspension. Apparently there is only one member who has any integrity or morals.

  29. She is a monster! How can this woman be fit to have horses let alone a license?. Karma will prevail believe me!

  30. Cobb was fined &200.00 in August 2018 for an altercation in a public place in NY and fined $250.00 in 2019 for some issue with fellow trainers . Also it looks like she has a connection with the breeding farm where that brutalized filly was supposedly sent.
    This person has a problem beyond the scope of a simple anger management course required by this commission. I hope these members understand their action is enabling this out of control behavior!!!

  31. This woman needs to be banned forever from dealing with horses or any other creature. I hope she doesn’t have children because she has a very mean streak. This is unacceptable. Someone needs to take action against this woman!

  32. I was stabled across from her and have the video of her horse on the ground after it had flipped, though I don’t know if she was personally Handling it but I do know that she creates a cruel work place so much as it became slang to tell horses that were acting up that they would be sent to her( although not serious) and called it cobbing or getting cobbed…. Not to mention complaints about her always fell on deft ears , she was never liked by anyone to be near or around her

    • 😮😮😮
      She better be banned from anything horse or racing related, in the U.S., Canada, – worldwide- or there needs to be a MAJOR PROTEST happen.
      In addition to that, I’d like to see the Secretary of Agriculture remove every single one of those corrupt bigots from the DTRC who voted to reduce her suspension. They are just as reprehensible as she is. Apparently only one DTRC member has any integrity or morals.
      Thoroughly disgusted by this entire thing.

  33. Thank you!!!
    I have composed a letter that is almost identical to the things you mentioned.
    “Articulate.” “Educated”?????
    Those things mean you can’t be abusive? Narcissistic? Unstable? A compulsive liar? Evil? A criminal?
    Hey, DTRC-do some research on SERIAL KILLERS. Check out THEIR I.Qs and see just how articulate most of them are!
    Before you bunch of bigots look down your nose at ‘those at the back end of the track’- YOU need to become a little more educated.
    Your repulsive decision reeks of money & corruption, and I’d like to see the Secretary of Agriculture remove every one of you that voted in favour of reducing this monster’s suspension.
    Obviously there is only one person who has any integrity on your board. Much respect for him showing integrity and having a moral compass.

  34. Can anyone tell me if there has been any talk of Criminal Charges being laid? (Is that possible in Delaware? I’m in Canada.)
    I encourage people to write to your Secretary of Agriculture, who oversees the DTRC, and DEMAND that every one of those corrupt bigots who voted in favour of reducing her suspension be removed. Apparently there’s only one member who has any integrity or morals. Time for a serious overhaul of this industry in the U.S. AND Canada.

    • Delaware Department of Agriculture
      Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
      Sarah Crane, Executive Director, DTRC
      (302) 994-2521 Extension 8970
      777 Delaware Park Boulevard
      Wilmington, DE 19804

      Re: Amber Cobb

      • Wanda – How About Writing To These People?

        Amber Previously Worked Under Multiple Trainers & Breeders including McMahon Thoroughbreds, Bonita Farms, Linda Rice, Charlie Baker & Jeremiah Englehart.

        • Katie, the website did not have an email address. It had the word email to click on. I clicked on it and a page that said Dela — Where? popped up. It said that the email link didn’t exist. So thank-you.

    • Patti – Maybe Jaime Rodriguez Can Testify Against Amber Cobb?

      Amber Is Very Lucky To Have A Very Dependable & Intelligent Rider Jaime Rodríguez In Her Corner.

  35. This absolutely disgusting!!! She should be hung and I’ll gladly clap and cheer. I’ll take that poor horse in a heartbeat! Yelling and hitting a horse is COMPLETELY uncalled. Humans have to think like a horse not expecting a horse to think like a human. They are fight or flight and she’s lucky it didn’t decide to fight!!!!!

  36. All these posts give new meaning to the word relentless. If we all keep the momentum going, more people will know how brutal this sport of kings really is to innocent living and beautiful gifts to mankind.

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