“Catastrophic Injury” at Penn; “Collapsed/Bled Profusely Out Her Nostrils” at Golden Gate

6-year-old Eyes On Me in the 6th at Penn last night: “Eyes On Me suffered a catastrophic injury to his left front in early stretch….” ‘Twas his 37th race.

Also yesterday, in the 2nd at Golden Gate: “Queen Helene pulled up nearing the upper stretch, collapsed…bled profusely out her nostrils and was vanned off.”

This is horseracing.


  1. And the horror show continues
    Day in day out
    Not just in the USA but also in Australia –
    two horses broke down and died on the one Saturday at a recent race meeting at the famous Randwick racetrack here in Sydney and on the same Saturday another horse died on a Melbourne racetrack.
    If ever there was the perfect example of playing Russian roulette with innocent defenceless animals it has to be

    H O R S E R A C I N G

    And that’s globally.

    • Globally, yes.. Australia, Ireland , Japan probably many more I shudder to think.
      Sad. End this business on the Planet; not just USA.

  2. All of these events are just horror shows for the horses, people involved in horse racing could care less!

  3. Legislators need to be aware of THESE atrocious ABUSES committed on horses!!!!!!!
    HORSERACING must be recognized as the FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY that it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The so-called loyal horsemen are not true horsemen!!!!!!! They are horse ABUSERS. This despicable industry needs to be punished by law!!!! The money that supports this criminal ABUSE of horses must be STOPPED!!!!

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