Saratoga Kills Again – That’s 10 (11) Dead Horses on the Summer

Two-year-old Wasn’t Me this morning at Saratoga: “After breezing, horse developed breathing problems, died in stall #39 an hour later, possible heart attack.”

Again, that’s a “possible heart attack” – for an equine baby. Words fail. This, by the way, marks the 10th on-track kill at Saratoga this summer. (Trucking Baron, a “pony horse” who was still very much in servitude at the advanced age of 29, died in his stall at Saratoga June 29. So technically, it’s 11 dead horses on track grounds.)

2021 kills at “the oldest sporting venue in the nation”:

Mister Bobby, May 13, training – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Strong Moment, Jul 16, racing – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on the course”
Pleasure Luck, Jul 18, racing (euthanized Jul 19) – “took a bad step”
Fattoria, Jul 19, training – “pelvic injury necessitating euthanasia”
Fiya, Jul 31, training – “injury to RH leg…euthanized”
Butter Lou, Aug 5, racing – “injur[ed] after wire, vanned to barn, euthanized”
Fifth Avenue Red, Aug 7, training – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Volpaia, Aug 10, training – “fell over rail, multiple injuries, euthanized”
Olympico, Aug 21, training – “RH condylar injury”
Wasn’t Me, Aug 26, training – “possible heart attack” (two years old)


  1. It’s time for the “oldest sporting venue in the nation” to die like the “pony horse” did this morning. The image of the dead baby is gruesome and heart wrenching to look at. Is the tortured murder of two-year-old ponies what HORESERACING IS ALL ABOUT??? You DARE TO CALL THIS A “sport”?!

  2. #HorseracingisAnimalCruelty!!!!!
    Ban Horseracing!!!!! The despicable people in this despicable industry need to be punished for their crimes against horses!!!!!! The New York Racing Association needs to be exposed relentlessly for their perverted, demented, DEGENERATE, horse-abusing, money-grubbing, horse-killing activities!!!!!!

  3. “Possible heart attack” means it could have been any number of things, just like those oh-so-mystical sudden deaths that occur with alarming frequency. It is not normal for a young horse to die of a heart attack – I’m sure there’s a dirty secret in here somewhere.

    • Rebecca, I think the vague language used screams for an investigation of what really happened!!! Imagine these people having all these veterinarians available; the private vets, the track vets, the state regulatory vets and not to mention that they call themselves “horsemen.” Just think, all of these highly educated (vets) and experienced racing people that call themselves horsemen don’t have an honest answer for the cause of death. The use of the word, “possible” is always cause for SUSPICION!!!!

  4. It was too hot and too humid for those horses to be forced to run a race. From now on when conditions r that bad, let the owners run in full dress with saddles. Betcha at least one of them could have a well deserved heart attack! 🤞🏼

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