Watching Horses “Pull Up Lame” – Good, Clean Fun

There were only two steeplechase races at Colonial Downs Monday; in those, no fewer than three horses – Howya Tuppence, Onarock, My Own Lane – were “pulled up lame,” with two of those also “vanned off.”

This is steeplechase racing. This is horseracing.

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  1. It’s been so hot and humid here in the east. I am shocked that they were hold races in August!

  2. Steeplechase Racing is as barbaric as so-called cowboys in rodeos roping calves and sometimes breaking the necks of the calves. (It’s not fun to watch a rider on horseback dragging a dead calf on a tarp or canvas out of the arena.) It’s not fun to watch the horses being injured and killed in any kind of race. The steeplechase races need to be officially recognized as ANIMAL CRUELTY because they are injuring and killing horses. Causing injuries and deaths to horses is not good, not clean and not fun. I know you were being sarcastic but this atrocious torture of horses must be recognized as the Animal Cruelty that it is!!!!

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