What “Going Awry” Looks Like

Come On Rico in the 10th race at Prairie Meadows last night. While I don’t have a definitive confirmation yet, a “fell, vanned off” is typically fatal; will, of course, update when information comes in. This, by the way, is not the first time Come On fell in a race, having done so about a year ago at this same track.

“Come On Rico has gone awry”:

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  1. What kind of people do this and have no remorse?! What kind of person can be a first-hand participant in this business of extreme brutalization of horses for gambling bets and purse money?! They are of a criminal mentality and need to be locked up for a long, long time!!!!!!! This despicable industry is exceptionally treacherous to horses. A horse would never run so hard, so fast or so often if the horse was left to his or her own choice. Horses are forced to gallop FAST carrying weight on racetracks by these demonic human beings for gaming/gambling money. This despicable industry is responsible for the ABUSE and TORTURE of horses. These horse-killers make these dreadful injuries to horses happen on purpose.
    Horse-killers: get a clue about what you do! You’re not innocent!!! You are guilty of everyday brutalization of horses!!!!? It’s time for you to stop!

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