Ohio Carnage: Two Killed at Thistledown Yesterday

At 1:24 yesterday at Thistledown, Sweetnessncharm “suffered a catastrophic injury before the half mile pole” of race 2 – “and was euthanized.” He was four years old.

About 2 1/2 hours later, The Tabulator “suffered a catastrophic injury past the eighth pole” of race 7 – “and was euthanized.” He was six years old.

At the end of the clip, you will see the The Tabulator, surely terrified, running on his broken leg, to his death…

That’s two kills, same track, same day. And Ohio taxpayers, because all Buckeye tracks are racinos, helped – for the vast majority, unwittingly – make it happen.

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  1. Heartbreaking to see this very young and magnificent horse whipped so badly and in excruciating pain continue to try and run at his top speed!!!!!!! These jockeys should be beaten with a crop and made to wear the heavy tack and goddamn blinders while running their fastest 🤬🤬🤬
    Every single horse rounding that turn were beaten beyond belief!!! What sadistic little bastards these jockeys are!!!
    Another barbaric, cruel and inhuman Elias of life!! Two in one day at the same track🤬🤬🤬
    Ohio politics has blood on its hands!!!
    You BET- They DIE 🚫🏇🏽🚫

  2. All of the kills listed under the category of “The Killing, As It Happens” are disturbing! The degenerate psychopaths in this morally depraved industry of exploiting horses for gambling bets and financial gain are directly responsible. They are not “horsemen” who give one iota of a care about the well-being of the horses! This despicable destruction of horses would not be happening if the so-called horsemen (who are not true horsemen) would exercise true horsemanship!!!! HORSERACING and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING is not for anyone genuinely interested in TRUE horsemanship!!!

    The laws governing horseracing need to be changed drastically and enforcement is absolutely necessary to stop the INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES FOR MONEY.
    Horseracing is Animal Cruelty every day in every way!

  3. So, at the last few seconds of the race when the poor horse crossed the finish line (without a rider). My question is did the jackmaster fall off or jump off so he would not get crushed when the horse finally gave out?

    • Nancy, I’m surprised they even showed the horse running across the finish line (without the jockey). You know what I mean… Usually the videos of racehorses having catastrophic breakdowns are cut off sooner and the track announcer usually conveniently pretends nothing bad happened to any horse in the race. They usually don’t give as much information as they did in this one on THE TABULATOR, which still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. (THE CRUELTY TO THE HORSES IS SO, SO SOUL CRUSHING AND HEARTBREAKING!)

  4. So tragic and so sorry to hear. I saw the horse Tabulator when that happened yesterday at thistledown

  5. Absolutely heartbreaking to see the vile, sadistic POS jockey still whipping the poor innocent horse even with a broken leg, and the horse still trying to give his all….shame on that POS, may Karma visit him in the future and pay him back along with all the other heartless, gutless jockeys that literally whip and race horses to their EARLY deaths.

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