No Chance

The entirety of Salto Del Sabio’s “career”:

Made Jul 23, 2017.
First race Nov 6, 2020, at Gulfstream W: second-to-last, 23 lengths back.
Race 2, Dec 4 at Gulfstream: last, 31 lengths back (also “hit rail”).
Race 3, Dec 31 at Gulfstream: second-to-last, 54 lengths back.
Three days later, Jan 3, 2021: killed training at Gulfstream.

The entirety of Nakoda’s “career”:

Made Apr 12, 2018.
First race Oct 11, 2020, at Keeneland: 7th.
Race 2, Nov 28 at Keeneland: second-to-last.
Race 3, Jan 1, 2021, at Tampa Bay: last (also “stumbled badly”).
Race 4, Feb 12 at Tampa Bay: last.
A little over a month later, killed training at Palm Meadows.

This is horseracing.


  1. This is sickening! Horse Racing is Animal Cruelty! It must be PUNISHED and DEFUNDED! No person or Multi-Million Dollar or Billion Dollar Corporation should be allowed to get away with this blatant ABUSE of horses for any reason or lame excuse!!!! Especially in the case of horseracing, the cruelty is “normalized” in a way that makes it a straight up filthy lie for gaming/gambling. This despicable industry is responsible for the suffering, lameness and life-ending catastrophic breakdowns that deliberately cause death to horses. This is egregious Animal Cruelty and must be recognized as the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY THAT IT IS!!!!!

  2. I’m almost speechless I am so disgusted. This so succinctly illustrates the horrible life of a racehorse. Not that the photos, videos don’t do enough. I’m in tears.

  3. Born to die at the hands of scum and filth of the earth. These poor, poor babies!!
    Heartbreaking. Devastating. Horrific. Appalling.
    Yet a daily occurrence in this abhorrent industry.

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