Monticello Records 7th Kill on the Year

Matt Major, 11, was killed (fractured pastern) in the 7th at Monticello yesterday. He is the 7th dead racehorse at Monticello this year; for all NY harness tracks, this is kill #14 – both extraordinary numbers.

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  1. I believe the kill numbers are “extraordinary” because the fatality RATE is actually RISING for all forms of horse racing. The greedy, sadistic, horse-killing opportunists in every level of this game have bred their victims purely for speed, at the expense of soundness, strength, stamina, longevity, health and every other factor that could possibly contribute to an animal’s long- and short-term well-being.
    And since their Need for Speed will never, ever be enough — no matter how fragile and utterly collapsible they manufacture these throwaway horses to be — they’re using training practices and doping to force their equine lab experiments to perform beyond their breaking points in EVERY SINGLE RACE.
    There’s fewer horses than ever (being whipped across fewer tracks than ever in the U.S.), yet a greater percentage(!) is breaking down and dying for these soulless degenerates.
    Oh, but racing officials are assuring the public that they’re “making racing safer” for the horse. Got it;(

  2. Psychopathic killers of horses belong in prison equally as much as psychopathic killers of people. The laws governing horseracing need to be changed drastically! These horse-killers are not exercising TRUE horsemanship at all — not even close to the normal standards for taking care of horses!!! These horse-killing psychopaths have gotten away with too much for too long!!!

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