“Pulled up in distress,” Dead at Thistledown

In the 3rd at Thistledown August 4, I Got the Time was “pulled up in mid stretch in distress”; she is, I have confirmed, dead. This old – for racing, that is – mare was nine and enduring her 73rd time under the whip. The “horseman’s” credo: not till you’ve sucked every last dime. IGT’s final owner/trainer was Raquel Castro.

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  1. Utterly Unacceptable.

    This poor mare at NINE (9) YEARS of age was still being forced to race? Are you kidding me?

    SEVENTY-THREE (73) race starts let alone the mileage she endured in training under the whip and God only knows what else.

    RAQUEL CASTRO you are NOTHING more than a cruel callous despicable arsehole of a human being.

  2. Let all who hurt this gorgeous soul be forever blighted… This is just heartbreaking.

  3. I GOT THE TIME was foaled on March 6, 2012 and her sire’s name is LOVE OF MONEY. Isn’t this telling of the mentality of the “racing” people…? Money is a false god that the people in this horse-abusing, horse-killing gambling industry worship. These people belong in prison behind bars for Felony Animal Cruelty!!!!!

  4. A nine year old girl being whipped and raced for the 73rd time pulled up in distress and died, no surprise there! Nine is really not that old, I would hope races for older horses would be calculated better so they wouldn’t be overly raced and maybe, just maybe, a horse would be able to run 73 times without dying! Since money is the main motivator that probably will never happen! Everyone talks about how much fun it is to spend time at the race track because there are so many fun things going on for them. I wonder if they ever think about what the horses are going through, don’t think so, drinking and socializing is what that’s all about! This is horse racing!

  5. No animal should EVER die from this CORRUPT corny ass bullshit. Make these lazy leeches (trainers,owners,photographers) all of them,go get a REAL job. You lazy pieces of shit. Enough is enough. I dare you scumbags to find a job.

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