“Stall Accident” Fells Filly at Golden Gate

Mark Whats Mine died today at Golden Gate in what the CHRB is calling a “stall accident.” She was three and had been raced 14 times, most recently August 6.

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  1. Abuse, negligence and utter disregard for the well-being of this filly caused her death. These horse-killers are GUILTY OF KILLING THIS FILLY. There are no excuses for this hideous act of Animal Cruelty. It’s torture of an innocent young filly. The deliberate ABUSE and TORTURE of a young FILLY is NO ACCIDENT!!! These filthy liars in California need to be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty!!!!

  2. Why does the CHRB even bother trying to post this stupid, fraudulent list? I mean, I know why they have to PRETEND to do it; it’s part of their (forced) commitment to transparency and integrity as “regulators” in horse killing, post-2019 Santa Anita Bloodbath-that-Really-Wasn’t-Exceedingly-Bloody. But they’ve structured the program in such a way as to keep MOST California equine fatalities OFF the Equine Fatalities List. It’s the most anti-scientific system of accountability in all of state government, yet they rave about their “life-saving” protocols. Go figure.

    “Break down your baby racehorse, but don’t feel like having the press and the public find out? No problem! Just haul ’em literally anywhere else to finish ’em off. That way, we’ll never, ever say a word.”

    (Was Mark Whats Mine even euthanized after her “stall accident”? Or did it kill her outright? That kind of information in the public’s hands might cause us to reject animal racing even more than we already do. So you better not offer details, CHRB.)

    • I do not buy these stall deaths as factual. And notice they most always happen at night. And the poor horse is found in the morning when the workers arrive.

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