As Horse Is Being Celebrated for Winning, His Brother (Chublicious) Lay Dying in the Dirt

By the only measures that matter – to the racing people, that is – going in to the 10th at Monmouth yesterday, Chublicious (below) had enjoyed a very successful “career”: a former Grade 1 runner who had amassed over 3/4 of a million dollars for his various “connections.” But alas, it all came to a screeching halt in the New Jersey mud. With his stakes days long behind him – in fact, Chub was being raced at the “claiming” level, “For Sale” for just $15,000 prior to the start – the 10-year-old “broke down” on what was termed a “sloppy” track and is dead.

The chart also noted that no less than three other horses “hit [their] fallen rival.” And, as a final (disgusting) postscript, while Chub was breathing his last breaths out in the slop, his 9-year-old brother, “Brother Chub,” was being feted for “winning” the race. (The brothers, of course, had long since been separated, each having been bought and sold multiple times.) The sad, ugly reality, complete with “Winner’s Circle” shot…


  1. This poor horse survived the nasty illegal doping program of trainer Jorge Navarro, only to die in the slop for a measly $15,000.
    Sadly, one of the horses that hit him, “the fallen rival”, was also a full brother to him, Double Chubble.

    • Marie, I saw that he had been under Navarro’s cruel hand – and also with Linda Rice for a time, I believe? This poor fella…they all deserve a life of their own regardless of the amount of money they did or did not put into their O’s/T’s pockets. But to have taken care of himself to this age, for this long, and not make it out alive…DAMN this industry.

  2. From a grade 1 winner to death in the slop as a claimer at 10 yrs old. This is the world of racing.
    Even the tough don’t stand a chance in this despicable game.
    R.I.P. beautiful noble Chublicious you are out of the clutches of their grubby little hands and the downward spiral of their dirty claiming game.

    And where is Navarro?!
    Remember he was the darling of Monmouth Park. They loved his winning ways!!!!

    • Well put, Rose. Navarro AND Servis are the Monmouth Park racing-fan-group’s darlings – and these same folks are part of the We Support Horse Racing organization, as well. Not surprising, I guess, that they support AND celebrate the indicted racehorse abusers/killers as they also back the pro-slaughter Protect the Harvest. Poor Chublicious, that was NOT the type of “fans” he so desperately needed.

    • Navarro is reportedly training horses in Florida still, and racing insiders know this is happening. The sneakiness of the racing industry at its best.

      • Ssshhhhhh! Don’t let the racing press catch on; they might start to investigate and report the continued involvement of ALL the horse-killing bottom-feeders who populate the Sport of Kings.

        Ha ha, just kidding! They’re all safe from exposure (as long as they keep REAL news and sports writers out of their secret club;)

  3. CHUBLICIOUS looks miserable in this picture of him confined to a stall. His earnings listed on Equibase as being $754,378 and 38 career starts reminds me of what Gina always says, “There is no amount of money that is ever enough for these parasites.” CHUBLICIOUS more than earned a retirement from his career of being used and abused in racing. He would have been able to walk and graze on pasture if these racing creeps would have let him. (Owner: Brittlyn Stable, Inc./ Trainer: Jose M. Camejo)

    • What Gina says is true from our experiences at our low level class B or less tracks.

    • I agree with you Wanda. All these creeps cared about was money and they did not care at all about the horse. A decent owner would have allowed the horse to retire and enjoy life on the pasture.

  4. Horse racing should be banned across the world. These forces are not out for sport and they’re not used to racing and it should never happen. All it is is greed for the green. All you people that promote horse racing are a bunch of sick individuals.

  5. Ok, this particular one I can’t cope with…it’s too similar to an eight year old chestnut gelding who earned just shy of 700,000, and NY KILLED him. I had followed him his whole life. I totally had a nervous breakdown. To this day I have just utter contempt for overrated corrupt NY.

  6. Since another heatwave this week i hope track officials heed to cancelling races come on people can u run around a track in this heat give poor horses a break

  7. Let’s further expose how the racing-employed present these deaths to the public…

    Caton Bredar tweeted this regarding Chublicious’ breakdown, fall, being hit by three other horses, and euthanasia;

    “Hearing that [jockey] Castillo appears to be ok after being unseated while pulling up 11 Chublicious shortly after start of race 10 at Monmouth. No update on condition of horse. Paco Lopez picks up 3-Ballagh Rocks in upcoming Oceanport Stakes, finale in 2 minutes @TVG”.

    “Pulling up”? – Bredar saw the race but in a lie by omission, glossing over the horrific FACTS and not updating Chublicious was dead (only after she saw the tweet he was DEAD and promptly blocked me), she misled the public and disrespected Chublicious in doing so.

    And then, of course, it’s on with the show! – let’s not talk about Chublicious!

    • Exactly, Joy. Just like the week before when Butter Lou, the TWO yr old lost his life. Silly Greg Wolfe forgot himself and instantly said “OH, THAT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!”!!!! Little Paul Loduca, could not jump in fast enough…to try to soothe over and LIE. You could hear the panic in Paul’s voice like Oh SHIT. NY knows they are in deep doo doo. The world is watching 👀

      • EXACTLY, Bonnie – they must take classes on how to lie and deflect. Oh how they hate it when they can’t hide the crippling and killing of their horses – the horses they just LOVE like their own children – the “children” they don’t want to talk about and can’t move on to talking about the next race fast enough. Now THAT’S love, right? Please.

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