Another Dead Colt at Churchill

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has disclosed the details of another kill on one of its tracks: City Tavern in the 9th at Churchill May 16, “[multiple] fractures, euthanized due to the severity of his injury.” The jockey, Rafael Bejarano, “said that he thought the horse had taken a bad step or stepped in a hole on the course.” While trainer/owner Danny Gargan claimed “no soundness issues,” he did note that City “was treated with shockwave therapy for a shin issue and had received one joint injection.” City Tavern was three years old; this was just his second race.

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  1. What kind of an idiot can say hIs horse had no soundness issues, but… (Drum roll)… he had one (just one… yeah, right) joint injection and shockwave therapy for a shin issue???? What part of “those problems are obvious soundness issues” does he not understand???? Who does he think he is fooling???? Ban Horseracing because these perverted, demented DEGENERATE people are sadistic, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing creeps that evidently get some kind of sick thrill out of using and abusing horses to the point of catastrophic, life-ending breakdowns of racehorses!

  2. That’s like saying a person has no medical issues when they’re taking a half dozen prescriptions. It’s painfully obvious this colt had some serious issues going on but either his connections didn’t care, or were tired of carrying a horse that wasn’t going to earn his keep. At least they’re not on Facebook with staged pictures of kissing his nose and feeding him carrots.

  3. Maybe the authorities can help this trainer/owner by recommending some shockwave therapy for him, so he can deal with his own ‘soundness issues’ and improve on his performance as a trainer/owner.

  4. Whoa. Slow down, there, Kentucky Racing Dudes!
    Keep admitting a tiny fraction of your horse kills like this, and the public might start to reason that a couple-three KY horses are actually run to death EVERY YEAR. So slow down the death revelations a little, okay? Your thriving biz can’t handle it.
    Might I suggest you return to your previous mode of disseminating top-secret dead racehorse information? Just DENY each and every one of your hundreds of horse kills every year. (It’s about as believable as your new, improved system of “transparency”;)

  5. It is so clear that the Human Actors in the HORSERACING industry do NOT GIVE A DAMN — they read their scripts very well and frequently — over and over — WHO believes this BS — only an IDIOT would believe their justifications — give me a moment to hurl — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING — FOREVER — it is a vicious cycle of abuse, suffering and early death — How could this horror continue!

  6. So many deaths, day after day! Why is this being allowed?? #EndHorseRacingNOW #BloodSport

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