Another Dead Child – This One “Expired in Her Stall”

This is how much the horseracing industry cares about its “equine athletes.” Twisted Gratitude, the Gaming Commission says, died at Finger Lakes this morning (or perhaps sometime last night). Here is the “report” in its entirety: “never raced horse, expired in her stall – probable colic unresolved.”

“Probable colic unresolved”? Well did she or did she not have colic? If she did, which seems likely, how could this baby – TG was but two years old – be left unattended to simply “expire in her stall”? Imagine her pain, her suffering – her terror – as she died all alone in her tiny box. These people are vile beyond words.

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  1. This is despicable abuse and NEGLECT of a young FILLY that should never have been kept anywhere near any racetrack. This unfortunate FILLY died because of the selfish interests of the racing and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING HANDLE industry. These degenerate people with their dereliction of duty to provide proper care and attention to an innocent young filly ARE ABSOLUTELY EVIL!!!!! Ban Horseracing!!!!!! If anyone is TWISTED, it’s the DEVIANT/DEVIENT people who cause pain, suffering and death to horses.


  2. This story stinks. Horses don’t just drop dead from colic. They roll, thrash, sweat, in other words they are in pain and they make noise. Do these race horse people ever check on their horses?

    • Thank you for confirming what I thought. So, this is serious neglect of a very young, very alone filly. Wait till the excuses.

    • I can tell you the ANSWER to your question….NO. Ask Drawing Away stable of ny. They didn’t lift a gd finger. Found DEAD in stall next morning.

      • For the record the horse I was referring to was Chestnut-Ro Bear. It happened a couple years ago….he died alone in ny, I believe the track was Belmont,and he was found DEAD in his stall the following morning. SICK. Drawing Away stable was the owner. No horse should be made to SUFFER alone. And by the way,who was responsible for that fire that killed horses at Belmont ?,not that long ago. We STILL haven’t heard about that investigation!

        • Bonnie, I would be extremely/exceptionally surprised if the New York Racing Association ever reveals any details of the burning to death of TWO racehorses alive in their stalls other than what has already been reported. I suspect that they know exactly what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Wasn’t it convenient for them to have no security guard or surveillance video AND the fire-suppressing SPRINKLER SYSTEM TURNED OFF???

    • Considering horses have starved to death while in their “care”, I would say the general welfare of their horses is the last thing in their minds.

    • Nancy, I agree her connections deliberately let this filly die an agonizing death. This is inexcusable. It’s so arrogant and nonchalant (besides outrageously STUPID) to say “probable” and they don’t know if she died in the morning or during the night. They clearly don’t care about the filly. It makes me think that they let her die on purpose because 1) the connections enjoyed knowing that she was in pain and 2) she may have had lameness issues as well, which would mean she would cost them more money than they could exploit her for. They clearly left her without treatment; definitely DONE CONSCIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY…!!!!

  3. Monsters. They should have tortured her in any other racing state besides New York.
    That way, no one in the pesky, animal-loving public would ever, ever, ever know the first thing about her awful demise.
    Oh well. Live and learn, horse-killing racing creeps.

  4. Having witnessed colic first hand, and been with one of my horses when his intestines twisted and he died septic, I know this poor filly died in a way no horse should – and she was all alone with no one to try to comfort her or even attempt to ease her pain.
    There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals. Believe it.

  5. Okay people who are reading this colicky horse died a horrible horrible painkiller death. When this happens the horse implodes and dies. So, if you are thinking that a broken neck, limbs, pelvis, think again, because I hope you never see a horse imploding from colic!! Yes, let’s all go to a party and watch the horses die. You sick bastards!!!!

    • Umm, what?! Talking about personal experience doesn’t mean it was something I got a sick kick out of. My horse, my baby, died in front of me and there was nothing I could do to save him. I shared this to show I know the kind of agony that poor filly went through alone in her prison. The fact that you would insinuate that I enjoyed watching my horse die is not only insulting, it’s disgusting.

      • Carolyn Hyatt is clearly out of touch. First, when horses die from colic it is not a “painkiller” death. When a horse has colic, the suffering is PAINFUL. Carolyn is unable to comprehend the full scope of what is happening here and has no clue of what we are thinking!

        • I’m sure Carolyn’s comment is not being understood the way she meant it, Rebecca and Wanda – I dare say she agrees Twisted Gratitude died an excruciating death, one even more horrific than if the filly had suffered fractures…and that there ARE individuals to blame for her unspeakable death. She knows.

          That said, there is a terrible irony in this poor filly’s name. The death of any horse is heartbreaking – but there’s solace to be found if humane death comes quickly with a caregiver alongside showing kindness and love. There’s none here. RIP, little one. 💔

          • Joy, thank you for clarifying the point. It was a misunderstanding and I apologize.

  6. It’s colic or not, the vet or trainer should have known or are they that dumb? This poor young horse must have suffered terribly all alone. I guess taking care of young horses doesn’t matter. This is horse racing!!!

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