Filly Killed (Pelvic Fracture) at Finger Lakes

Arlene’s Kitten was killed this morning while training at Finger Lakes. Officially (Gaming Commission): “Never raced horse, was tender and sore after a training exercise; a pelvic fracture was located – euthanized due to poor prognosis.” The 3-year-old becomes the 60th dead horse at a NYS track this year.

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  1. This is pathetic beyond belief. What the hell is wrong with all of you people involved in horse racing. Why don’t you just all stay home and leave the poor horses alone. You are all a bunch of ignorant bastards and don’t deserve to even have these animals. OMG terrible, terrible people!!

  2. “Tender and sore” with a pelvic fracture? You think? Of course nothing about how she got this injury will ever come out.

  3. This treacherous abuse of horses must be recognized as the egregious Animal Cruelty and ABUSE that it is!!!! The legislative branch of government must pass laws against this INHUMANE TREATMENT of HORSES!!!!

  4. You sure don’t have a good idea from the report of anything about her history. How does a horse develop a fractured pelvis after a race? I am not horse-knowledgeable but wonder if it was due to abuse and neglect prior to being under the whip. RIP Arlen’s Kitten. I am so sorry.

    • “Never raced horse…” I take it that she had never been raced. Her connections must have been awfully rough on her. I googled Equibase ARLENE’S KITTEN and there are no matches for her name. So this is another one injured and killed in training. 💔💔💔💔💔

  5. A 3 yr old ‘never raced’ filly should not end up dead while she is simply out on training. She must have had all kinds of medical problems and that is why she was ‘never raced’. The trainer should be made to answer some serious questions.

  6. How can this torture of animals go I noticed? How can the elected bodies turn a blind eye? We need to be electing people who consider animals worth fighting for.

    All this pain inflicted on horses for fun!!

    Those who watch are also guilty

  7. These senseless actions need to be stopped to protect these amazing horses, who by no fault of their own are exploited for money and greed by selfish humans.

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