Colt Killed Training at San Luis Rey This Morning

Another death to report from California: Peter Miller-trained Arjun was killed while practicing this morning at San Luis Rey Downs. He was three years old and being prepped for his debut.

This is horseracing.


  1. Yes, and that’s why this “sport” needs to be both illegal and unthinkable.

  2. Silly CHRB. Don’t you know you should have publicly admitted one of the OTHER Cali racehorse kills this week? By choosing poor Arjun as your sacrificial lamb, you’ve refocused attention on the esteemed Mr. Miller’s OTHER recent breakdown: Contagion.

    Now, I have no idea if Contagion is alive or dead following his racing injury/van-off last Sunday at Del Mar. Last we heard from Del Mar itself is that he was “resting comfortably” in his stall. But since you “regulators” seem hellbent on maintaining the laughable “40% reduction in fatalities(!)” chant that Executive Director Scott Chaney proudly unveiled at your last meeting, I’m thinking that y’all aren’t about to admit to Contagion’s death publicly, even if his corpse was delivered directly to Mr. Chaney’s office via FedEx.

    And, as for Peter Miller, Pony Killer? Just another day at the office for him. (And every other so-called trainer still in this sick game.)

    • Kelly, HorseRacingNation is listing Contagion as deceased. WAS THERE A DOUBT?

      • Exactly. HRN is part of the RACING PRESS. Hence, it has no journalistic reporting standards whatsoever, insofar as horse fatalities are concerned. They and their ilk have no need for accuracy in “reporting” the death — or continued miserable existence, or slaughter, or abandonment/starvation…) of ANY racehorse. Their loyalty lies with Mr. Barber and Mr. Miller (and Del Mar, and the so-called regulators at the CHRB) So, if they’ve got a reporting error on their hands, and Contagion really is still alive, they all know they’ll look (even more) devious and disgusting than usual if they change up his status to “Active.”
        And if he is truly deceased, the CHRB WILL NEVER admit it, so long as he was removed from track property — you know, where he was “resting comfortably” soon after his racing breakdown — for his euthanasia/actual death.
        So, I truly don’t know. But I can see that nobody in this happy, horse-killing party wants to acknowledge a THIRD kill from Del Mar’s triumphant Opening Weekend. So they’ll all have to sputter along quietly and pretend that nobody’s asking the obvious question about poor Contagion. “Lalalalalalalala. Contagion Who?”

        • Right, have another double shot of whiskey and buy your wife a new fancy hat, and a new summer dress to go with it. Meanwhile, place your bets now, everyone… This is what is “so great” (sarcasm) about Horseracing!

  3. With all the other vague euphemisms used by racing, I want to know what “resting comfortably in his stall” really means.

      • We all remember the photos of Brigette Maloney laying dead in the landfill, her racing wraps still on her legs………

          • Yes, Nancy, it does and also, according to what I read, that was standard procedure for decades to dump dead horses in a landfill in the State of West Virginia.

        • Anyone that has not been following along and just recently discovered this site, Horseracing Wrongs, may do a Google search: BRIDGET MOLONEY — HORSE. The photos and pertinent information are there.

  4. Arjun was a $475,000 purchase with an equine insurance policy, most likely, in place.
    The attending vet is on the racetrack is usually the state vet who will disclose whether an insurance policy is in place, but breakdowns on the training tracks usually have the private vet who rarely discloses this information citing privacy.
    The training protocols have less scrutiny on training tracks making the conditions ripe for a kill.
    The CHRB report is public property and should be furnished if requested.
    No doubt in my mind that Peter Miller is a racehorse killer, but aren’t they all in one form or another?

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