As Ugly As It Gets

2-year-old – yes, 2-year-old – Angel Britt in the 3rd at Delta yesterday. (While I do not yet have a firm confirmation, the video points to but one conclusion.)

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  1. Horseracing is Sheer Evil and incredibly Cruel.

    Thank you posting this.

    • I’m assuming a federal injunction has been attempted? One judge can , temporarily at least, halt this carnage.
      I am looking into this.

    • I cannot blame you or anyone for not viewing. If you ( we) know what happens, and how sickening AND horrible it is..
      Its the denial people etc who NEED to see this and other videos!
      Simple, these beautiful animals have souls.
      The abusers do not.

  2. OMG how sickening! This video is heartbreaking. Outcome horrific. When will it stop? There is no value to horse racing except in the pockets of the owners who don’t care if they die. They just get more which will also die.

  3. The chart says vanned off. We don`t believe that for a minute! That horse no doubt had to be winched into the ambulance & then vanned off.Appreciate your showing these videos. Hard to watch. Reinforces us never to have anything to do with racing again.

    • We are still awaiting the news of Contagion. Every avenue I bring up says active. We’ll see.

      • I think we’ll never see (nor hear about) that poor gelding ever again. The CHRB is too busy celebrating their make-believe, fake, pipe-dream fraud of a “40% decrease in horse fatalities” to risk letting Peter Miller, Pony Killer run him til he breaks down again:(

    • ANGEL BRITT most likely was vanned off upside down with her legs and hooves in the air.

  4. Both horse and jockey were not moving for the few split seconds before the video is cut off. This is obviously nothing new to the horse racing people. This horror show must be legally recognized as Animal Cruelty. The jockeys can choose a different occupation, but the horses are doomed to eventually be killed one way or another after being forced to live/exist as slaves to greedy, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing DEGENERATE “racing people” and gamblers. Ban Horseracing!!!!

  5. Will not watch but thank you for posting this, Patrick, as there are those who should watch it. I did find and watch the saddling and post parade of the Lassie Futurity she was in (needed a photo of her) – there she stood with her eyes wide, mouth gaping, tongue protruding and a chain over her gums. Just a baby. It’s one thing when those ignorant of equines accept this cruelty, believing what those in the industry tell them. But regarding those who REALLY know horses – what causes them distress AND what enriches their lives – and still support racing? – they need to watch. But they won’t. They’re cowards. They whine about breakdowns on social media – “oh I just can’t watch!”, they cry. They make me sick. Those poor horses have to endure that terror and pain for those cowards’ entertainment. But they “can’t” watch…

    • The fact that they, the racing people, not only do this, but do this repeatedly, speaks to the moral depravity of these people.

  6. I fucking hate the shitbags involved in this. I wish them all horrific painful deaths..

  7. Like a bunch of other HW regulars, I won’t watch this video. But I do have one question. Why WOULDN’T anyone in racing confirm poor Angel Britt’s death? Shouldn’t they be proud (ashamed) to tell the world her suffering is over? That she finally escaped her tormentors — the compassionate Blanchets and the humanitarian Dougets — in the only way she could?
    So go ahead and share your good (bad) news, racing creeps! You raced a baby to death. BUT, her current condition is probably preferable to the continuous torment you heaped upon her throughout her short life.

    • Since the jockey wasn’t moving either, the reporters of “racing news” might report on the jockey’s condition without mentioning a word about the 2-year-old Filly, ANGEL BRITT. In which case, we will know that she is dead, killed by racing at Delta Downs.

  8. Videos don’t lie. Angel was driven so hard it killed her.
    This was clearly another murder caused by the cruelty of horse racing and it must be outlawed.

  9. Remember! Bob Baffert 74 horses Died!

    At Least 74 horses Have Died In Bob Baffert’s Care In His Home State Of California Since 2000?

  10. OMG that is criminal. Absolutely criminal. Screw the jockey as he could have abstained from racing. That poor horse had no. Voice

  11. Spoiler Alert: It reveals that Baffert ranked #1 of the top ten killers of racehorses from the same time period. It also reveals that Baffert has enough clout to threaten people, especially the certain veterinarian, and get away with it, thus stifling the investigation and “changing” the outcome of the investigation; and that everyone in this bloodsport are more concerned with protecting the “image of the sport” (and believe me, I hate calling it a sport) and their “jobs” (and who knows, maybe even their lives) than to protect the horses!!!!

    • Thats fine Wanda, the things out West(CHRB) are already spoiled! I thought of it as more of the Good Old Boys Network. Rich jerks doing as they please and literally CHANGING the rules to suit them.
      Does this network extend to Kentucky? Suspended yes; but why hasn’t Mandaloun. been declared the winner of the Derby?? The Rules are Clear.

      • Baffert’s attorneys, Robertson and Brewster, have fought to protect the racehorse killer, Bob Baffert, from being held accountable. So, the NYRA has to make sure they hold a hearing before suspending anyone. A judge NULLIFIED the suspension in New York because the NYRA didn’t give Baffert a hearing before the suspension was issued against Baffert. Fortunately, this ruling was made after the Triple Crown races were over. The suspension in Arkansas was lifted so he was allowed to run MEDINA SPIRIT in the Kentucky Derby. For a short time, it looked like Baffert was on the road to making MEDINA SPIRIT his third Triple Crown winner by saying that he was sold for $1,000 and projecting the image of a possible “rags to riches” story, which is what a lot of gullible people would eat up like ice cream, so to speak.
        The attorneys want to argue about the evidence and argue this and that, to claim innocence, and to make bold statements, however false they may be, to get their rich and arrogant horse-abusing, horse-killing, money-grubbing, morally degenerate client, Bob Baffert, off the hook. As long as this type of quarrelsome quibbling is going on, everyone else will just have to wait and see. Brewster and Robertson can argue about the evidence with the intention of getting any and all evidence thrown out so that without evidence, there is no case. I suspect that there is a lot of intimidation going on. They want to argue that the drug samples were not handled “properly” or any lame piece of whatever that they can think of to get their way.

        • Yes , although I was referring to Kentucky ; I read they have to have a hearing and then take away the Derby win. Not yet scheduled.
          You will Almost Certainly Never see me agree with the NYRA again but… They should be able to ban any trainer , owner etc . Its their facilities right?
          Anyway, I (we) await the Kentucky hearing. While I love the horse Medinas Spirit; His win Should be taken. Baffert is a proven cheater ( and worse).

          • Speaking of what should be, horse racing should be banned! Ended! Outlawed! Horseracing is Animal Cruelty and must be/ should be punishable by law!!!
            Meanwhile, we wait for due process of law to happen in Kentucky for one sadistic money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing, DEGENERATE licensed trainer to have his attorney/s fight with pugnaciousness to get the drug violation/s declared as though it was all a big “cancel culture” plot against Baffert and the horse.

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