Another Filly Felled; Now It’s Three Kills in Four Days at Saratoga

And another: Fattoria suffered a pelvic injury while training at Saratoga yesterday and is dead. Like the other two kills at this track since Friday, Fattoria was a 3-year-old filly. She was coming off her first race.

The Saratoga ’21 Dead (reminder: this track averages 15 kills per summer)

Mister Bobby, May 13, training – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Trucking Baron, Jun 29, stall – “chronic laminitis”
Strong Moment, Jul 16, racing – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on the course”
Pleasure Luck, Jul 18, racing (euthanized Jul 19) – “took a bad step”
Fattoria, Jul 19, training – “pelvic injury necessitating euthanasia”

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  1. Where is the Horse Abuse Hotline number…?
    I know, there is no number to call for the wanton destruction of horses. This is UNACCEPTABLE abuse and inhumane brutality against horses. It’s a crying shame that these bloodthirsty horse-killers are not arrested and hauled off to jail!!!!!!!!!
    The HSUS is also in the “business” of ABUSING animals, especially primates. This is corruption so vile that it must be exposed relentlessly!!!!!!!!!

    • Why is horse racing continually given a pass to maim and kill? There is something very seriously wrong when horses this young are killed during a routine practice run.

      • Right, and I think of how excruciatingly painful it would be to have a pelvic fracture!!! I can’t imagine how much pain these young colts and fillies must tolerate and endure. I am assuming that by pelvic injury, they pelvic fracture.
        FATTORIA, R.I.P. 💔💔💔💔💔

  2. Fattoria fatality? Yeah, but they’ll try to say this one shouldn’t count; that it was another one of those FREAK ACCIDENTS that could happen to any horse, anywhere, at any time. Problem with this mantra is that these “freak accidents” happen to young racehorses about ten thousand times more often than they do with pleasure horses, trail horses, companion horses and even show horses in all other disciplines.
    For those of us who share our lives with them, there’s always a risk that our beloved horses can hurt themselves, and even us, very badly. But in the wonderful world of racing, it’s more than a risk.
    It’s a given.

  3. “I think the place is ready to explode,” trainer James Bond said. “Every person I have talked to about Saratoga can’t wait to get here and get going. I think it’s going to be a coming-out party like they’ve never seen before.”
    Well James Bond it sure wasn’t a “coming-out” party for Fattoria whom you trained and killed was it?
    In her only start she barely made it through the race finishing 11th by some 21+ lengths.
    Her official works leading up to the race were so slow that they indicated something was horribly wrong.
    Fattoria was crying out for help, but it fell on deaf ears because she was sent out to die more or less.
    Her party was the death dance like so many other racehorses that are dying on tracks all over this country.
    About the only explosion going on at Saratoga are the bones exploding with the bone fragments scattered on the track just like Fattoria, Strong Moment and Pleasure Luck.
    This repulsive shameful killing show has got to end and it can’t end soon enough for the racehorses.

    • Good to see you back Gina! When we saw no postings from you for such a long time we kind of became worried about you. These incidents you describe are only to common at our bullring 1/2 mile tracks in our state. Were keeping track of a New Zealand bred mare who has raced on 2 continents & who was just claimed again. Her form shows that she should be saved from these crummy tracks & deserves better.Hopefully with all sports betting it will assist in the decline of more tracks due to loss of handle,although we don`t gamble & never will as our $$ are to hard to come by.We have heard that explosion of a thoroughbreds bones breaking! Will never forget.

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