Video of Strong Moment’s Final Few Seconds

Strong Moment’s final few seconds of life…

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  1. The racing of horses must end! How dare these ignorant and greedy people involved allow a horse to meet such a tragic fate!

    • Jan, you are so right! These people involved in horseracing know that they are causing lameness and life-ending catastrophic breakdowns in horses and the gambling addicts keep on supporting it with their money at the Pari-Mutuel WAGERING windows. It’s so morally depraved.

  2. I am outraged that horse racing is still in Saratoga. This killing, savage activity turns my stomach. The ignorant people that attend are despicable. The poor animals suffer; it is another form of animal abuse.

  3. That horse is struggling before it dropped. Most likely dead when it hit the ground still being whipped by the jock

  4. There’s hardly ever a footage available of the death pack in the back… Finally here’s a video and now for some reason it won’t work

    • Kathleen, the video still played for me. I don’t know why it didn’t play for you.

  5. I believe I stated this before. Jockey beating the horse as it dropped. There is no peace for these poor horses and they appear to have no value at all to their owners who treat them as trash to be tossed away when they are used up. Bloody shame they are allowed to do this to these animals. It should be criminal .

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