Enduring Love Killed in the Slop at Thistledown

The box score for Enduring Love in the 4th at Thistledown yesterday: “ENDURING LOVE was hustled along, suffered a catastrophic injury midway on the turn, unseating her rider and was euthanized.”

“was hustled along”

“suffered a catastrophic injury”

“was euthanized”

This is how it looked – mud and all. Watch till the end to see the other horses beaten mercilessly in the sloppy mess…

Enduring Love was four years old; ’twas her 30th time under the whip.

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  1. If that isn’t the picture of Animal Cruelty, ABUSE, brutality against horses, there is nothing else on Earth that could be.
    This is why HORSE Racing is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

    • Wanda, HEARTBREAKING is putting it mildly. She did not deserve this brutal end. It’s like she was trying to escape from the fear and pain of those moments. I don’t know how this sport (or however to describe it) endures day after day,year after year. And the general public does not see it for what it is. Barbaric industry that deserves the final finish line
      Good riddance!

      • More and more people of the general public should eventually get the message that this so-called sport referred to as the Sport of Kings, especially by the richest of the rich, is a lot worse than they could have imagined. Anyone that can BRUTALIZE horses in this way year after year and see nothing wrong with it belongs in prison!!! This business is a bloodsport of killing HORSES and calling it a sport does not make it okay in any way, shape or form. The lobbyists for the industry make it more difficult to get common sense legislation passed that would serve justice for the horses. The Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association members stand to lose millions of dollars and we know that the money is MORE important to them than anything that resembles kindness to horses and TRUE horsemanship. A more accurate name would be The Gold-diggers Exploiting and Abusing Horses for Wagering Profits and Corporate Welfare Recipients Association.
        When I was a grade school student, I thought that The American Kennel Club and The Jockey Club were “respectable” and even “prestigious” organizations that people could trust. Well, guess what, I’m not a grade school student anymore. I graduated from high school in 1971, and I have learned a lot since then. In fact, I’m still learning. I have learned that The American Kennel Club is PRO-PUPPY MILL and that The Jockey Club is PRO-SLAUGHTER. How is that for “respectable” in this business of breeding dogs and horses for fun and profit??? The registration organizations can charge fees for every animal that the breeders are willing to pay the registration fees for and the cruelty to the animals isn’t something that “deserves” their attention, except to send lobbyists to fight legislation that would stop some of the overbreeding, abuse, neglect, euthanasia, etc.

  2. Horrific. Stop this sick ‘ sport’. We have to spread the truth more. Education is the key. Stop the subsidies for Murdering Horses!

  3. Previously posted as berry34. ‘Hustled along’ an obvious euphemism for WHIPPING. Perhaps she was hustled to death .

    • “Hustled along” sounds vaguely okay except that it isn’t okay!!! You’re right about the fact that it is a euphemism for WHIPPING and also another way to describe beaten or beating the horse with the whip. It’s what the jockeys use to attempt to win, to force the horse to gallop faster and maybe cross the finish line first. All too often the horses never cross the finish line at all. Then there is the smoke and mirrors crapola about using the whip for “safety.” So maybe that’s what the New York Racing Association members mean when they boast that their racetracks are the “safest” and less deadliest than other racetracks. They have “safer” whips to beat the life out of the horses being used as gambling chips/TOOLS. How safe is that…??? Proof positive that the individuals involved in horseracing are perverted!

  4. If the racing industry has nothing to hide in regards to the treatment of their horses, why are they always using vague terms and euphemisms?
    And euthanasia makes it sound so caring. When a murderer finally kills his victim after torturing them, it’s not mercy.

    • Right, Rebecca, and after the horse is so-called “humanely euthanized” after being literally abused, brutalized, raced, tortured to death, in other words, treated INHUMANELY, what do they do with the body of the horse? Sometimes necropsies are done and then what and how are the remains “disposed of” in this business of extreme brutalization of horses for gambling bets? In some cases, there has been a long standing way of “disposal” such as in West Virginia, which was to dump the body into a landfill; remembering BRIDGET MOLONEY. I believe that they have changed their method of EQUINE CARCASS DISPOSAL in WEST VIRGINIA to having a rendering company pick them up. What do they render the carcasses of deceased horses into? That is very disturbing to think about, to say the least.
      Decades ago, I heard about one method of equine carcass disposal in Yakima, Washington when Yakima Meadows was an active racetrack. That was to dump them in a pit, which is somewhat different than a public landfill for garbage disposal. It’s all still ugly and then some!
      There is no reforming this DEGENERATE mentality of exploiting horses for gambling bets, etc. It’s corrupt and cruel to the core.

  5. Every breakdown is heartbreaking but I just can not get over this one. How sad running away like he could have fixed it escaping from the lousy track.

    • Nancy, I have not seen all of the breakdowns, of course, but once in awhile there is a horse that somehow manages to stay upright on at least three legs with one leg either flopping or not flopping. Usually the videos are cut off so you can’t see anything or very little about how the horse’s injuries are affecting his/her ability to move or do anything. The video of this particular horse, ENDURING LOVE, a Filly foaled on March 30, 2017, was an exception in that the video shows her struggle to stay up on at least three legs in deep mud, WHILE running off to the side at an angle behind the rest of the horses with a broken front leg. The mud looks deep to me considering that it’s a race track and not a plowed farm field or a barnyard. These lower-level horses running on lower-level racetracks with the same person as owner and trainer are doomed. It’s beyond sad!!!! Israel Flores, owner and trainer, can be ashamed of himself for doing this to a young horse that didn’t deserve the abuse of racing.

      • Wanda, it looked like more than one leg was injured. Pathetic. Thank you for your endearing words.

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