Filly Killed While Training at Santa Anita

Word comes of another training kill at Santa Anita. Gutz “fractured [her] right front ankle while working” Sunday – “unrecoverable injury,” euthanized. Gutz was three years old and coming off of her “debut” a month ago. She is the 14th dead racehorse at newly-safe Santa Anita this year.

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  1. Does the CHRB expect anyone out there to believe that the good old Santa Anita Death Track became suddenly safe for training horses about a year ago, then miraculously reverted to being unsafe again just last month?
    No, you silly so-called regulators! We all know you just forced SADT officials to start reporting their kills again.
    (It was a nice try, though.)

  2. GUTZ was foaled on April 12, 2018. Her breeder and owner: Tommy Hutton’s Dream Stable, LLC. Her trainer/ BRUTALIZER was William Spawr. She earned a total of $1,220 for finishing 5th in her one and only race. What a demented business that uses horses in this way!!!! These people, these demented, DEGENERATE people ought to be arrested for Animal Cruelty!!!!! Horseracing ITSELF must be recognized by law as the barbaric brutality against young horses that it is!!! The people who are engaging in this business of extreme brutalization of horses for gambling bets must be punished. The description of Greyhound dog racing is a perfect description of horse racing. It’s cruelty that leads to painful, catastrophic injuries that lead to death.

  3. What can I say? Three years old coming off her debut? It would have been kinder for her to never have been born. Selfish self centered greedy owners need to get real jobs and stop breeding these horses so they can kill them. Just a baby and her life is over already.

    • These selfish and arrogant people must stop breeding horses to make profits in racing them. They have no concern for the horses whom they allow to be abused and killed.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of this latest death of a beautiful horse. I am not surprised though, as this facility (as so many others like it) is not going to change until horse racing, dog racing, etc., is made illegal. Wouldn’t you think the powers that be would wake up and take action or are their pockets being padded so well they can’t see past that padding?

  5. It is a complete shame that horses are not recognized as men best friends. They have been helping humans from day 1. They have been (ab)used in so many ways….., and they have been even helping children with autism etc…. It is abhorrent this country do not even care to sell them to other countries who eat them. Really barbaric. Some humans are going backwards very fast, and the problem is that they make innocent lives to pay for their stupidity and lack of moral with their lives… Those who make their living (ab)using torturing and killing animals are not worthy. They are monsters and useless brainless humanoids who do not want nor can learn something good to do with their lives. I really hope this damn horse racing “industry” be banned, and soon. The horses, majestic animals, are a million times better than the humanoids who are using them to make their dirty money.

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