“Unruly,” “Fractious,” “Hard to Load” – They’re Scared, Folks

The Gillespie County Fairground in Texas runs just eight days of racing a year. Its first two of this summer were Saturday and Sunday. Some of the notes (Equibase):

Lotta Fiz (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Sietetizoz (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Kool Mistress: “unruly [in] gate”
Lota Dashin Panther: “flipped”
Texas Magazeche: “fractious”
Kue Ball: “bumped hard”
Fish Tayles: “bumped hard both sides”
Diamond E Great (two years old): “fractious”
Moonin J Lo (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Tesguino Special (two years old): “hard to load”
Jordans Game (two years old, first race): “green, vanned off”
Regal Wagon Streak (two years old, first race): “unruly”
Running to the Prize (two years old, first race): “flipped”
Tee Jamie (two years old): “bumped hard”
Spayce Cowboy (two years old, first race): “bumped hard”
Dashin Jesss (two years old): “unruly [in] gate”
Kzoom (two years old, first race): “unruly [in] gate, poor try”

Abusing scared baby animals – this is horseracing.

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  1. The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Ghandi

  2. I hate what they do to torture the HORSES. I hate the tongue ties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    None of these young colts and fillies are ever going to be eligible for the barbaric brutality of the Kentucky Derby, so what is the point of forcing these young horses to run on a racetrack? Isn’t it just for the sake of being able to get away with the barbaric brutality against young horses?! There is no sense whatsoever in forcing immature colts and fillies to gallop fast carrying weight and tacked up with CRUEL, INHUMANE junk in their mouths!!!!! It’s SENSELESS STUPIDITY FOR WHAT??? GAMBLING BETS AND ANIMAL ABUSE, that’s what. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget drug ABUSE in addition to the horse ABUSE!!!! Don’t forget the ILLEGAL MILKSHAKE RACE INJECTION for the horses. How can you have horseracing and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING profits without the use of drugs in this business, this demented business…?
    This psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic cruelty to horses must be punished and DEFUNDED!!!!!

  3. A bunch of unruly rodeo cowboys torturing young horses with impunity. This is entertainment for mindless sadists.
    Shut down this horse HELL!!

    • Speaking of which, they have been known to use ELECTRIC cattle prods on racehorses in the starting gates. Their so-called reasoning is to “teach/train” the young horses to jump out of the gate fast when it opens. They are sadistic creeps. Using electric prods on racehorses or any kind of horse is not horsemanship, it’s ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. All these babies mentally overwhelmed and physically overloaded. There’s no actual training in horse racing, just get a person on their backs and get them running as soon as possible. These poor babies have no one to turn to for support or comfort when they’re afraid, so react the only way they can. Now that they’ve shown themselves to be “fractious” and “unruly”, I wonder how many of them will be condemned to constant tongue ties and stud chains for behavior their trainers created?

    • Speaking of getting a rider on their backs and get them running on the track as soon as possible, several years ago I saw first-hand a man that appeared to have weighed at least 150 pounds ride a young Appaloosa with a Western saddle. He stood up in the stirrups and rode the young horse at a gallop on the training track with a very tight rein. I still shake my head 44 years later just thinking about that… Hey, that is what they call “training” because the horses are “athletes” supposedly. What a disgusting load of crapola!!!

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