Yes, He’s Still a Casualty

There was another death at Saratoga Race Course Tuesday: Trucking Baron “succumbed to chronic laminitis” and was euthanized, says the Gaming Commission. But the Commission, not unmindful to the ever-increasing pressure and scrutiny on and of this ugly industry, added this caveat regarding the dead horse: “29 yo ex racehorse used as a pony.” As if that in some way exonerates. It doesn’t. For the record, former racehorses “used as ponies” at the track are still being exploited, are still in servitude, are still suffering for gambling. And when they die at the track, they are casualties of the track. Period.

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  1. Are all these recorded deaths going to lead to ‘somewhere’ as far change resulting from a ‘public’ black eye to the so-called (gambling operation) sport of horse racing? Like serious black eye Vick did for dogs dying in that gambling operation. Surely it’s time to stop using (killing) animals for gambling sports. Progress from the days of Romans using, (slaughtering) animals for sport in the coliseum over ‘two thousand years ago.’

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