“Suffers Catastrophic Injury” – But Still Made to Walk Into the Van

In the 4th at Penn yesterday, Freight Train, says the chartwriter, “suffered a catastrophic injury to his right hind leg.” A “catastrophic injury,” of course, is as bad as it sounds – almost certain death. But the Penn writer – who, I must say, has never shied from criticizing jockeys et al. in his/her notes – then added this: “[Freight Train] then was walked into the van.” Imagine that. A “catastrophic injury” – but instead of euthanizing then and there, the poor horse was made to walk into the ambulance. Their depravity knows no bounds.

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  1. If this example of Animal Cruelty was posted on billboards where the pro-racing politicians and lobbyists (and the public) could see it…

    • I have often said I wish I had the money to put up billboards showing horses, such as Arms Runner, with their legs swinging. It’s brutal, but it’s horse racing reality. And most of the general public have no idea how severe and brutal it can be. If they did, tracks would be shut down much faster,.

      • Marie, I know I’m not the first one to mention the use of billboards to show the heinous criminality of HORSERACING. However, this is the first time that I have mentioned it. I would donate an amount of money that would seem insignificant by itself but with the donations of many other like-minded people, it could be done.

      • If enough concerned animal lovers got together and donate a small amount each, perhaps bill boards could be erected near the tracks. Sometimes the most ghastly images get the most attention! And we all know that racing is ghastly.

      • I was thinking of Pennsylvania racetracks (at least) because of the fact that Gov. Wolf is completely on board with taking the corporate welfare away from horseracing in PENNSYLVANIA. The PA HBPA would have a screaming conniption fit because they want those millions and millions of dollars they get from the WAGERING HANDLE revenue and the Corporate Welfare that props it up. I think they mean that they are protecting their bank accounts by the word “Protective” because they certainly are not protecting horses!

  2. In the blood-soaked horse racing industry, animal cruelty has been trumped only by crass greed and big money stakes.

  3. Jockey’s like this need to be banned for life. Horse racing fans, please wake up!

    • Some fans are in pathological denial and others don’t give a damn about the horse abuse, maiming, sickening deaths and slaughter. To them their entertainment and gambling take precedence over the suffering and carnage.

  4. Just another middle finger toward racing’s claim to “love the like children” and “treat them like royalty”. I can’t even imagine the agony that poor horse was in being forced to hobble into the van, balance himself while being driven, then be forced back out. I’m sure his final needle wasn’t gentle, either.

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