Love and Prayers for the Dinged-Up Jockey. The Dead Horse? Please.

In the 2nd at Canterbury yesterday, Millard’s Comet “suffered a catastrophic injury” and, I can confirm, is dead. She was just three years old.

“And uh, #4 Millard’s Comet has dropped the jockey. … Please hold all tickets, hold all tickets, until the stewards take a peek at exactly what happened. … Rider Luis Negron down on the track…and Canterbury personnel will be aiding him quickly.”

“MW Paddock Report” – “Your source for horse racing in the Heartland!” – sent out these execrable comments via Twitter:

“Condolences” to the owner/trainer; “rough night for the pilots.” The dead horse? Nothing. Not a word. This is horseracing.

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  1. “A fractious horse ended his evening”. Racing ended Millard’s Comet’s life. Disgusting.

  2. He walked to the ambulance on 2 feet. Did the horse walk back to her barn on all fours???? NO. All breakdowns are so sad to me,however I am partial to the gray ones. EVERYDAY there is a problem somewhere from something that could be avoided from this animal injustice.

  3. MILLARD’S COMET was a Kentucky-bred gray/roan filly foaled on May 3, 2018. Her Owner & Trainer: Esteban Martinez.
    She was raced a total of six times, all in 2021.
    She was raced as a TWO-YEAR-OLD in ARKANSAS at Oaklawn Park on March 7, March 28, & April 29. She turned THREE YEARS OLD on May 3, 2021. She was raced again at Oaklawn Park on May 18, 2021.
    She was raced at the age of TWO, but recognized as being THREE due to the “UNIVERSAL BIRTHDAY” of January 1st for racehorses, which is a UNIVERSAL LIE OF HORSERACING.
    She was then raced at Canterbury Park in MINNESOTA on June 13 and again on June 30. She was raced to her life-ending catastrophic breakdown on June 30, 2021. She was raced to death. There is no excuse for this hideous act of torturous cruelty to any horse!!!
    Horseracing needs to be DEFUNDED and shutdown forever!!!
    The people of HORSERACING have NO SCRUPLES to knowingly and willfully brutalize horses for gambling bets and purse money, corporate welfare, etc.
    There ought to be LAWS AGAINST glamourizing Animal Cruelty, a.k.a. HORSERACING, in addition to the Animal Cruelty known as HORSERACING itself!!!!

  4. Right… best wishes to Luis for a speedy recovery so he can get back to what he does best… whip and kill. How utterly disgusting! RIP beautiful deserved much better!!!

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