Colt Killed at Santa Anita; 13th Death There in 2021

The CHRB has disclosed the training death of Uncle Boogie yesterday morning at Santa Anita. He was three years old. For Santa Anita, this is dead horse 13 on the year.

On the other coast: The NYS Gaming Commission says that Bad As Bart was euthanized at Monticello Thursday – “foundered, investigation continues.” Six racehorses have now lost their lives at Monticello this year. On the harness circuit, this is an extraordinary number.

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  1. Thanks to Wendy Mitchell at the CHRB for making the release of this information possible. The SADT has been especially devious in hiding their training deaths. They’ve taken full advantage of their so-called regulators’ non-reporting of off-track property kills. Now that Commissioner Mitchell brought the issue front-and-center at the last CHRB public meeting — to the obvious chagrin of Chairman Ferraro, who stammered his way to a ten minute recess after he mumbled uncomfortably that he’s “cracking down” on this “minor issue” she raised — looks like they’re back to reporting at least some of their many training kills.
    And this one must have been absolutely horror-show awful. Poor baby Uncle Boogie must have gotten absolutely wrecked on the SADT training track.

  2. heartbreaking. I can no longer watch any horse racing when I used to always watch the Triple Crown.

  3. I am so tired hearing about horses dying on race tracks. Three years old is too young to train & stress an equine. I have trained 5 horses of my own and know, for certain, that their minds and bone structure is not mature until, at the very least, five years.

    These greedy owners and trainers should be hung. You want to talk about drugs to help win as well?

  4. This is a repulsive sport! Liars, cheaters, abusers and greedy people involved with this sport. The people who bet on this sport are the same.

  5. How sad for the poor foal, who never should have been raced at all! It never ceases to amaze me the depth of cruelty people will sink to just to make a buck. Poor Uncle Boogie. May his soul rest in peace and may those who caused his death never have a moment’s peace the rest of their lifetime! To the owners: SHAME ON YOU!!!!! You are nothing more than barbarians in suits. You are VILE, DESPICABLE AND TOTALLY WITHOUT HONOR!!!!

  6. My family and I are very disturbed over all these deaths. We are going to our local papers regarding this unless something is done

    • Ranay Peck, I am glad to hear that you and your family will go to your local papers about the horses being raced and killed. It is not going to stop anytime soon. More people need to become aware of how bad this bloodsport of running horses to the point of catastrophic breakdowns is in reality.

  7. The racing carnage never ends. We must end it now! Inform the fans whatever it takes!

  8. Brutal TORTURE of horses must end, along with all archaic animal torture venues for human entertainment.

  9. How horrible! There is absolutely no reason for these killings, especially now that they have new treatments for broken legs on horses. These barbaric practices must be ended now!

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