Finger Lakes Records Another Kill Today

According to the chartwriter, Lord Camden “appeared in distress on the last turn” of the 2nd at Finger Lakes today, “and was pulled up.” In fact, he is dead. In fact, he was euthanized (fractured fetlock) right there in the dirt.

This is horseracing.

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  1. R.I.P. LORD CAMDEN, 💔💔💔💔💔
    You didn’t deserve to be EXPLOITED by greedy money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing, DEGENERATE people. They know what happens when they run horses day after day. Normal people would get the picture and stop, but racing participants have deviated from “normal” behavior to the point of becoming so deviant that they consider themselves normal. But they are WRONG!!!!

  2. Look at that – the Engelhart shit show, AGAIN. I wish they would compare these sacks of crap’s death rates to Bob Bafferts. Bet they would be pretty similar

  3. And, remember: New York only SEEMS to host more kills than every other jurisdiction because they’re the only ones who report them voluntary and immediately. All other racing “regulators” now make it their first priority to minimize, cover-up, hide and conceal from the public most of their states’ own racehorse deaths.
    They ALL lie by undercounting their kills; New York state just lies less.

  4. How can this vile activity continue? Creatures thrashed and bullied to run so fast they die. Everyone involved in these activities are to blame and should be prosecuted.

  5. Lord Camden another victim of this vile business.
    All the usual business practices.
    Starts out with parasite pin-hooker and breeder Becky Thomas of Sequel Bloodstock.
    LIke most of them she has a shaded past history of doping and beating 2 y.o babies for fast times at the 2 year-old-in-training sales in Florida for years then moved her operation to New York state to specifically capitalize on the Breeders Awards and obscene amounts of purse money funded by subsidies.
    Starting at Saratoga with Mark Casse, doesn’t perform, changes hands many times, ends up with regular killer Chris Englehart who completes the never ending cycle of breeding, dumping and killing.
    For those racehorses who make it out alive?
    Well most end up at kill auctions like the mare CARLISLE HOUSE who is fighting for her life in an Oklahoma kill pen as I write this.
    She’s in very poor condition and was dumped with a foal at her side.
    The kill pen immediately weaned her foal to save the mare from going down from starvation.
    This foal was bred for the horse racing industry and this mare has been starved for months.
    Even worse, she has serious injuries all over her body which seems to indicate that she was fighting for food in an open field environment to keep her foal alive like any Mother would.
    This story plays out all over America every day and they are all the disposable gambling chips of this horrific industry that needs to be shut down.

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