Filly “Sustains Catastrophic Injury” at Pimlico

The 9th at Pimlico yesterday afternoon: “KENS LADY…fell inside the three sixteenths pole after sustaining a catastrophic injury. SWEET SASSAFRASSY…fell when tripping over the fallen KENS LADY.” As usual, MarylandRacing whitewashed the ugliness from its official replay – a snip, then right to the homestretch and “Winner’s Circle.” Like it never even happened. Kens Lady was three, and this was her 12th time under the whip. I’ll update on Sweet as info comes in.

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  1. On Belmont race 9 Saturday, King Moonracer got his head caught in the starting gate and was scratched. It took a long time to unleash horse. Luis Saez just stood there and never checked to make sure the horse was ok or not.This video was sent to me and I saw this video not the actual how did it happen.

    • Nancy, I saw that video of the horse with his nose caught in the starting gate also. It was weird and must have been painful for the horse. I didn’t see how they got him unstuck. I can only imagine what kind of stress and fear on top of pain the horses must endure so people can gamble and be entertained. It’s sickening!

      • Wanda, he was a vet scratch and I hope he wasn’t badly injured. However,the poor horse must have been so frightened during this ordeal.

        • He was most likely scared when he ran up into or lunged forward into the gate all of a sudden getting his nose caught. It seemed like a freak accident, but the cruelty of horseracing is no accident.

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