Back-To-Back “Sudden Deaths” at Golden Gate

Wednesday, says the CHRB, Music Babe, seven, died while training at Golden Gate – “sudden death,” they’re calling it. Next day, same track, Snazzy Cazzy perished – again, “sudden death.” Snazzy was just three. This makes 14 dead horses at the Stronach-owned Golden Gate this year. The writing is on the wall, Belinda. Close this death camp and sell. Get out while your reputation is still intact.


  1. Patrick, the last 3 lines were very well put and they should be heeded.

  2. “Intact.” Hahahahaha. The Stronachs (or One-Forward-slash-Ess-Tee, or however they pronounce their stupid, diversionary new corporate name) now have ONLY a horse-killing reputation among the general public. Outside the minimal and dying animal racing world, they’re considered a family freak-show of self-litigious, horse- (and human worker-) exploiting billionaires.
    But those in the racing industry will still try to blame the animal-loving public (and HW) when the Stronachs are forced to sell their Cali tracks (to be turned into literally anything else.)
    Bye-bye, Belinda.

  3. Did these killings occur just this last Wednesday, June 16? We are in a heatwave this week. Pure further unadulterated cruelty to be doing anything with horses other than feeding, caring, and HOSE BATHS during this blistering weather.

    • Yes. One occurred just minutes before the CHRB meeting in which the Executive Director announced “a significant reduction in equine fatalities in California horse racing.” But, he forgot to qualify the deaths with the word, “reported,” so we know he’s not to be believed.
      So, yeah. It’s never too hot for horse abuse. All across the west, so-called regulators will still keep this killing show going — even if their beloved athletes start bursting into flames as they’re whipped across the wire:(

      • Kelly, you confirmed my worst fear. Even in this heat. What cretins these people are.

        • Worst I’ve seen (yet, anyway) was Wednesday at Arizona Downs. They ran their full card, even in reported PLUS-100 DEGREE TEMPS in Prescott Valley. All the media was firing off emergency heat warnings for people and pets, but they just knew that no one on the AZ Racing Commission would dare try to stop them.
          They were right, too. All they had to do was refuse to submit temperature information for their desert dump of a track to Equibase, and no regulator was the wiser about their straight-up animal torture. Smart, right?

  4. I’m sorry, Patrick, but what reputation…? The Stronach reputation is already in the toilet of horse-killing hell, in my opinion.

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