Beaten, Breaks Both Front Legs at Penn

The 4th at Penn yesterday: “BIG CYPRESS made a run to the front when he suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs and fell.” Watch how jockey Ricardo Chiappe gives the 3-year-old Cypress a hard whack right before he snaps both front legs:

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  1. That is horrible!!! This is why horse racing needs to be ended!!!!

  2. I can’t watch. Film like this belongs on a big road sign on the interstate in the city where this cruelty took place.

  3. How can this be sport? How can the deaths of these poor creatures be justified.

  4. Those who support this I’ll treatment of animals need prosecuting. It is appalling that in the day it is ok to get animals killed. It is as appalling as bull fighting!!!

  5. This is horrendous. I cried for this poor horse. A sweet 3yr. old whose death was for greed and entertainment. When will other people stand up and say, no and yell? “Enough is enough” “Ban horseracing” How many more deaths and injuries does there have to be? Let these parasitic people tell me! Tell me you greedy people, tell me!!!!

  6. Saw it. Brings tears to my eyes. How cruel, cruel, cruel. This poor horse, beaten and likely already exhausted and then a catastrophic injury. NO ONE TO COMFORT HIM IN HIS LAST MOMENTS! I wish all bettors and supporters were forced to watch this with an equine veterinarian providing a commentary on the consequences of being pushed to run, whipped and then the ensuing pain and agony suffered. They should be forced to watch and hear the commentary as the veterinarian speaks in exquisite detail, then forced to say why they still bet and support racing. (I know, it’s too much, too much of a fantasy but I want this cruelty stopped so much!)

    • For all of the people who are die-hard horse ABUSERS from way back, I don’t think any explanation of anything regarding the pain and suffering that the horse feels would make them think they should stop. Since it’s apparent that they don’t have the scruples to know or care that what they are doing is wrong and that they must stop the INHUMANE TREATMENT of horses, they would have to be categorized as psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic Animal ABUSERS as well as compulsive liars.
      The laws governing horseracing need to be changed so these animal abusers that cause so much suffering to horses cannot get away with this blatant horror. Some people who bet on the horses may not get it yet that Horseracing is Animal Cruelty, but with spreading the word about how many horses are killed every week at all of the most prominent racetracks, eventually there will be more and more people turning against organized horseracing and Pari-Mutuel WAGERING.
      I’m glad that this Horseracing Wrongs website and blog exists! It also serves to inform people that Santa Anita Park is not the only horseracing racetrack where horses are injured and killed on a daily/weekly basis.
      It would be great to get the breakdowns at all Pennsylvania racetracks reported in the newspapers and the TV News stations. This type of informing the general public would help to support the goals of Governor Wolf and the “group for funding education” to end government subsidies to horseracing in PENNSYLVANIA.

  7. All catastrophic breakdowns are just as horrific as Big Cypress snapping both front legs-off.
    These deaths have never shut down horse racing, at least not yet as politicians continue to give millions of taxpayers money, corporate welfare and/or casino profits to keep them killing.
    What finally ended dog racing is when “decoupling” was finally passed and that put an end to the subsidies.
    Once the subsidies ended so did dog racing and so will horse racing in most states.
    This is the only hope for racehorses because not even dying is ending this horror show.
    I’ve phoned, emailed, and faxed Gov. Wolf’s office to support taking away 200 million per year from horse racing giving it instead to educate our children.
    If you haven’t done so already, please show your support for this.

    • Right, Joy. I have yet to understand the sentiment of “hope everyone comes home safe”, Or the “this is the tough part of the game”, “run free in heaven”, and it goes on.
      WHY is this ok to happen to animals for entertainment?! Other than gambling addicts (who we know probably won’t change no matter how many snapped legs they see), why is this acceptable for the general public to see, why are we footing the bill for this to continue as taxpayers, and how is this even acceptable?!

  8. Can’t watch!! The apologists should. This is the reality of horse racing. Abuse. Cruelty. Death. Day in and day out.

    • Me neither. The apologists have all seen it hundreds, no, thousands, of times before. They’re absolutely numbed to the horrors of this shit. But they must somehow understand its effect on normal people (not in racing). Because their absolute number one priority these days is hiding these sickening atrocities from anyone not as addicted to the carnage and the cruelty as they are.

    • I won’t watch it but I think a lot of people who don’t know what goes on really do need to see it.

  9. Absolutely heartbreaking! When are people going to stop watching this horrific animal abuse??? These poor poor animals have no choice, they are whipped if they don’t do as they are told! Even if they become champions, as soon as they are no longer winning they are gone! It’s absolutely disgraceful! When is the human race going to stop abusing animals for their profit and pleasure!

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