Woodbury “Suffers Catastrophic Injury,” Euthanized at Parx

Woodbury, in the 2nd at Parx yesterday: “WOODBURY vied for the lead outside, suffered a catastrophic injury while dueling near the eighth pole and was subsequently euthanized.” He was five years old; ’twas his 32nd time under the whip.

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  1. This poor horse was doomed before his career even really started. He was a victim of those brutal 2 year old in training sales, then went to the Rudy Rodriguez barn. And like many higher class horses, he sunk down the ranks until he ended up with some unknown low level trainer at a low level track, where they killed him off.
    The horse racing industry is completely responsible for all the pain and suffering this poor gelding endured, of which I’m sure there was a lot of.

  2. And of course the replay is not available. Everyday lives are lost at the track,training,illness because SOMEONE was too cheap to take proper care of their ward or drove them to the brink.

  3. R.I.P. WOODBURY 💔💔💔💔💔
    You didn’t deserve the abuse and inhumane treatment you had to endure at the hands of greedy, cruel people!!! Parx Racing should be closed and DEFUNDED as well as all of the racetracks everywhere should be shutdown.
    Stop funding this abuse!!!!

  4. WOODBURY was a victim of parasitic sadist and multiple racehorse killer Rudy Rodriguez right from the start.
    He was probably pumped with just about every drug, both legal and illegal, that you can think of.
    Like many racehorses, he started out at the “prestigious” (according to horse racing standards) Saratoga.
    Before that he flipped $50,000 and $120,000 respectively for people who didn’t give a damn about him.
    After churning out another $169,416, while going from stable to stable, not one of these deplorable parasites took care of him, got him a good home, and did the right thing by the horse.
    It’s just squeeze every last red cent out of them until they drop dead while the wagering companies do the same thing and the tracks facilitates this mentally and morally depraved behaviour.
    Just another day on their killing rings, but their day of reckoning is here via exposure.

    • Saratoga racing pumps horses full of drugs. How do they determine what is “prestigious” in a cesspool of debauchery involving the doping/drugging and willful abuse and inhumane treatment of horses?!

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