Three More Dead in NY

Deaths just disclosed by the NYS Gaming Commission:

Lady Sansa, Belmont, original injury April 28: “fetlock injury sustained while training 4/28; surgery performed 4/29; developed laminitis post-op, euthanized due to poor prognosis.” She was three years old and was an import from Ireland.

Teardown This Wall, Buffalo, May 30: “developed colic, unresponsive to medical treatment; euthanized due to poor prognosis.” He was five years old.

Micromillion, Belmont, June 3: “colic, subsequently euthanized due to poor prognosis.” She was four years old and was coming off a training session the day prior.

This brings the 2021 NY Death Toll to 44. That’s 44 fully sentient beings sacrificed for gambling. America, are we not better than this?

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  1. Steve Assmussen, Chad Brown, Brad Cox, are getting away with murders…these criminals need jail time…good trainers?? Good dopers ..JAIL THEM !!

  2. I just want to take this beautiful face with the sad eyes into my arms and love it until the end of time. The soul of a horse like this is worth much more than gold. Anyone who could abuse and murder a sentient being like this deserves nothing less than an eternity burning in hell, and I believe it will happen to all those out there who think they are getting so rich and getting away with maiming and killing these beautiful gifts of God to mankind to love and take care of. It is going to be a very bad ending for these people and they will seriously forever regret what they have done to the beautiful horses.

  3. I wonder just what kind of “medical treatment” these unfortunate victims of horseracing and gambling bets received. Horses exploited for racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling are not treated with love or kindness, because they are not pets. I suspect that there was no person who would actually be there to walk the colic victims, TEARDOWN THIS WALL & MICROMILLION, for the duration and give them the necessary attention and kindness. I think any treatment for colic at a racetrack would be too little, too late for the majority of racehorses. The everyday routine of confinement to a stall, race training and racing is conducive to serious problems for the horses in so many ways!

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