Filly Drops Dead After Race at Los Alamitos

In the 6th at Los Alamitos Saturday, Registrant finished 5th of 7; her note read simply, “no final kick.” Today, we learn (CHRB) that Registrant dropped dead after the wire. Yes, dropped dead – at the tender age of three, an equine pubescent.

This is horseracing.

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  1. As the owner/breeder of poor Registrant, Ol’ Doc Allred must have been devastated to see yet another of his young horses crumple to the ground…
    Er, then again, he also owns the first and second place finishers in that same race — plus the whole entire Los Al Horse Hell track. So it’s safe to say his misery over her loss was exceedingly short-lived.

  2. Was this one of those quarter horse races going 400 feet or a regular race? What a piece of s…t these people are.

  3. Hopefully they did a drug test on the poor horse..amazingly no drug results came back for Essential quality and Steve Assmussen winner of the $1 million race on Belmont stakes day..I think it’s coming this week

    • The members of the NYRA and Steve Asmussen are all members of a group of people that knowingly and willfully brutalize horses for gambling bets and financial gain. I would not expect any great effort on behalf of the NYRA to expose the doping of horses by Steve Asmussen or any of his staff, paid or unpaid. The veterinarians and the stewards of racing are not working in the racing industry to protect horses. They are there to prolong the ABUSE inflicted on racehorses for a monetary fee. If you have not already done so, check out the undercover videos that exposed the behavior of Asmussen and his assistant trainer. All of the so-called Hall of Fame trainers are die-hard horse ABUSERS from way back.

      • Wanda, please check the PR
        Blasi is suspended and a fine for allocation at Churchill end of May
        Details not given

        • Altercation meaning he most likely did something like touching somebody without their permission leading to a fine and a very short suspension at Churcill Downs. So he just has to make sure the fine gets paid, take an anger management class, stay out of “trouble” and keep his hands/ fingers to himself. He could have doped a horse to hell and back, but this 7-day suspension is about a physical altercation with obviously another human being. So, he can continue with the horse-abusing, horse-killing, money-grubbing activities as long as he doesn’t touch any other person.

          • Notice the details were missing on the who what and where re the incident. Thank you for the proper wording!!

            • He tried to beat up the manlet who rode his horse because he didn’t like the ride. Can’t imagine he would pick a fight with someone who weighs more than 110 pounds.

      • I will never forget the PETA expose of Asmussen and Blasi re the doomed racehorse, NERO. This horse went through hell under the ‘care’ of these two curs. NERO’s feet were in a shocking state – just one of the inhumane cruelties inflicted upon this poor horse.

        • Carolyn, it’s a very twisted mentality that can blame the horse. Blasi is perverted. He called the horses @$$holes. That is so perverted of him. I think they have to be idiots to do what they do to cause such suffering to horses and not take any responsibility whatsoever.

          • Agree Wanda, twisted and perverted they most certainly are.
            The article in the Paulick Report shows a photo of them with Gun Runner, a famous racehorse. The restraining gear on him made me feel sick. His face, mouth and tongue says it all. Tongue tie tightly applied, chain pulled across the sensitive gum area above his upper teeth and crossover noseband. At what cost did this poor horse do well in racing…?
            I think we know the answer to that.

            • These people are not horsemen nor are they horse trainers. They brutalize and torture the horses.
              I’m surprised the horses don’t retaliate if they get a chance, that is.

              • Exactly, Rose. They’re small men with equally small brains. They’d never survive in a workplace that called for brains and morals.

  4. What a horrible note to add to a life lost – “no final kick”. Just a lifeless crumple to the ground after a short life of abuse and exploitation.

  5. Seeing fillies suffer in physical pain and psychological pain and fear IS the favorite thing of Ed Allred to do, I believe. Since he was 14 years old, he has enjoyed the suffering of horses. He enjoys DELIBERATELY causing the injuries to young fillies and colts. He owns the racetrack. He owns many of the horses and he continues to be in this business. What does that say about Ed Allred…? He is a psychopathic, sociopathic horse-abusing, money-grubbing evil human being.
    REGISTRANT isn’t the first and won’t be the last victim of this evil man in this evil industry.

    • He just doesn’t have the balls to do it to women because they could and would fight back.

      • Although by his own admission he did perform over 250,000 abortions back in the day when he was running abortion clinics down in Orange County, CA. So killing is nothing to him. Humans or horses, it’s all about the money. I read somewhere recently that he has some horse breeding operations in CA with over 700 horses. Looks like he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

        • Yep, if you can perform an abortion, you clearly have no soul, no conscience, and absolutely no moral compass to speak of. This guy is just a sadistic parasite who feels powerful abusing and killing sentient beings who cannot defend themselves. There’s a cozy corner in the deepest parts of Hell with his name on it.

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