A Couple Cases of Heat Stroke at Delaware Park

Some recent notes from Delaware Park, courtesy of the Delaware Racing Commission.

2nd race May 26: “Ciao Luna was showing signs of heat stroke on the walk back; stewards cut the post parade by 1 minute for heat.”

7th race May 29: “Myquest was vanned off after the race.”

7th race Jun 2: “Food and Wine returned to the winners circle sore…horse will be put on the vets list.”

5th race Jun 5: “Vicarage got down on the track several times suffering from a heat stroke. Dr. Botts and maintenance workers attended to the stricken horse.”

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  1. Cut the post parade by one minute. You got to be kidding me. Heatstroke is serious all horses should have been evaluated for it. Cancel a stupid parade for the sake of them.

  2. They should have cancelled the whole race card, because it was too hot! Are we supposed to be impressed because they shortened the post parade by one minute???
    If that isn’t straining a gnat and swallowing a camel, what is??? Wow! The rude, disrespectful, careless indifference of these demented DEGENERATE human beings is sickening!!! They obviously put the WAGERING HANDLE revenue and their daily income as top priority while exploiting the horses as gambling chips!!!

  3. The fact that they would race horses when the heat index is so high is just another middle finger toward their claim to “love them like children”.
    One has to wonder how badly these horses were doing to actually be acknowledged as suffering from the heat.

  4. Dr. Botts attended to the stricken horse?? Oh, it’s poor Vicarage’s fault! How dare he suffer from heatstroke when he has a race to run, right?? Vets are a disgrace, this whole parasitic industry is a disgrace and an insult to the horses.

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