Filly Killed at Santa Anita This Morning

3-year-old Meet At Dudley’s was killed training at Santa Anita this morning. She had been raced once – almost eight months ago, when she finished last, some 45 lengths back. These details may or may not be relevant to the events of today. In any case, she is the 11th dead racehorse at newly-safe Santa Anita this year.

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  1. 1 more dead horse , these trainers need Jail time, Brad Cox announced today that Essential Quality will race in the Travers , I wonder if the stewards did any ILLEGAL DRUG TEST on him yet for winning the Belmont Stakes..

  2. Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California will never be a safe place for any horse. I wonder if they have their own backhoe to dig their own pits for “equine carcass disposal” but they are supposed to do necropsies, aren’t they???

  3. I have the feeling that the reason for her almost 8 month layoff (after finishing more than 45 lengths behind the winner in her debut) had everything to do with her break down today. Her trainer took a chance, “rolled the dice” and lost————-not that he (or her owners) cares. She is just one of many to them and unless she is a “winner” her life is dispensable to them.

    • Yes, of course it did, Jennifer. A previous injury. I agree with you about all you said.

  4. MEET AT DUDLEY’S sent out to die more or less.
    Her injury that necessitated such a long lay-off indicates a serious injury that finally gave way most likely.
    Of course their secret vet treatment records covers-up the malicious intentions and what they knew.
    Most PP’s are a road map leading up to their deaths and/or a strong indicator of what was going on.

  5. Hey, I’m just impressed that her connections didn’t force her to suffer being loaded and hauled for the euth. Too bad for them, they’ll now be the recipients of the well-deserved public shaming THEY ALL should get when they break down babies during training.
    (The other training killers at the SADT now get to point at Mr. Kruljac and say, “Sucker! Should’ve kept it on the down-low, like we do — with a whole lot of help from our buddies at the good old CHRB.”)

    Can’t wait til one of ’em flips on the others. Kruljac? You our guy?

    • Or, they could all just keep their noses to the grindstone (of causing the next horse to break down with their routine brutalization) and their mouths shut about any horse breaking down at Santa Anita. Did you see anything? “What the **** are you talking about?! I didn’t see anything?! Get it?”

      • Ugh, I just checked out poor Meet At Dudley’s’ owner/trainer combo. These guys are a two-man WRECKING CREW (of fillies, especially) at the SADT and Los Al Horse Hell. So, I’m now pretty confident you’re right, Wanda; neither will be ratting out their fellow horse-manglers. (*Breathe easy, CHRB!)

        • Thank you for sharing the information on her connections, Kelly. I just feel like there is a type of mutual understanding to keep one’s mouth shut among the most deviant participants in organized PARI-MUTUEL gambling and organized horseracing. Horse racing doesn’t have enough horses to fill eight or nine races with more than 5 or 6 horses in a lot of cases, which you pointed out several months ago. I had been used to seeing more than six horses in a race, but I also wasn’t watching that many races and not very often. I cannot imagine how ugly, traumatic and horrifying it would be to be physically at a racetrack everyday and see this brutalization and killing of racehorses up close and personal at the rate of approximately TWO or more horses per week at just ONE racetrack every week. The inherent cruelty to horses in organized horseracing is such that, in order to maintain their deviant behaviors and guaranteed participation in the whole ugly immoral and corrupt pursuit of fame and fortune on their level, they would have to depend on not revealing the truth of the ABUSE and killing of racehorses as much as possible. The Pari-Mutuel WAGERING makes some of these deviant participants in organized horseracing rich. The Pride, Power, Presumption and Pleasure of evil people is rampant in their pursuit. Am I describing the Stronach Group or whatever name they’re going by now? I believe that, YES, I AM.

          • Yeah, they’re big on hiding their kills, even the ones that can’t be hidden.
            SADT officials don’t want to admit they’re still having multiple (on-track, on-camera) racing breakdowns — 4 in last 7 weeks(!) — but they’re also running far fewer horses/races/days than ever before.
            It’s “Safety,” Stronach-style. But the math-challenged CHRB will still praise ’em for it.

  6. Apparently whatever was going on with her was never going to get better, and she wasn’t worth enough in the breeding shed. Better to send her out to the track for a chance to scrape a few more bucks from her before her “unforeseen” breakdown.
    Of course, I’m sure she received the absolute best of care during her eight month lay off – you know, while she wasn’t lining the bloated pockets of her connections.

  7. Sorry this is off topic, but related.
    Can somebody please explain why they can environmentally justify keeping any racetrack in California open when California is in the middle of a drought, with 2 million people without water, and Gov. Newsome declaring a state of emergency in something like 41 counties?
    Dirt surface racetracks like Santa Anita, Golden Gate, and Los Alamitos require and absorb 30,000 gallons of water daily (Source: Thoroughbred Owners of California TOC article “Track Maintenance”)
    That’s astounding!
    So while there isn’t enough essential residential water for people to properly live they permit racetracks to continue wasting water to the tune of 30,000 gallons per day per track when active.
    Insanity and I’m going to email Gov. Newsom to point this out and to ask why and how this is justified let alone the racehorses dying on a regular basis.

    • It doesn’t include LA or SF and doesn’t include any mandatory water restrictions, it’s voluntary, so it seems rather pointless. They’ll keep on using water unless someone says they can’t.

  8. Meet at Dudley’s had an 8 month layoff after her first start and 45 lengths of the winner is very disturbing. She definitely had something going on that kept her from keeping up with the herd.
    She became a liability for her connections, costing money instead of earning money.
    The decision was to roll the dice knowing the dice were stacked against her. Her connections had nothing to lose!!!
    And now she is off the books, a financial relief for her connections.
    These horses have to earn their keep as well as support their connections and if they can’t fulfill that mandate they will be gotten “rid” of one way or another. That is how this gambling business operates – the only way it can survive.

    • Perfect point, Rose. And another reason it WON’T survive; now everybody knows how quickly they dump ’em when they can’t earn anymore. “Oh, but let’s re-purpose a couple as pleasure horses, get a photo op, then pretend this is typical.”

      • Also, speaking of pretending that it’s “typical” is saving a small number of racehorses through the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance groups while the majority of racehorses are killed at various places, especially the slaughterhouses in addition to the racetracks.

  9. How much lower can humans go? The abuse and slaughter that is called race horsing is a new low. This must end.

  10. Horse racing is an evil and wicked form of animal cruelty that should have been banned years ago.

  11. This VILE industry must be SHUT DOWN — Horse-Racing is run by a bunch of depraved criminals who are either in denial or do NOT give a damn — they belong in prison — why this industry is STILL in existence is beyond me — ABUSERS continue with their cruelty because they’re “merely” Horses, they’re “only” Animals —they’re considered LESS THAN — WAY less than — what KIND of society would allow these IDIOTS to get away with their exploitation, abuse & slaughter ?— WHO PROTECTS the HORSES?! — Horses NEVER signed up for torment — Horses have done so much for humankind — Look at HOW we repay them — give me a moment while I hurl.

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