Filly Killed at Belmont; 23rd Death There This Year

While the Belmont Stakes was being run, its home, Belmont Park, was in the process of (what else) killing another horse. The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Lullula, three, sustained an injury while training on the 1st; five days later (or, the day after the Stakes), she was euthanized “due to prognosis.” She is the 23rd dead horse at Belmont in five months; 76th since January 1, 2020.

Look, I know this gets old, but I’ll keep screaming it from the mountaintops till the message is received by all: Reform (read: drugs) is a ruse, “safe racing” a lie. Truth is, horseracing kills horses, inherently. From breeding for speed (big torsos, spindly legs, fragile ankles), to working pubescent bodies (the typical horse doesn’t fully mature until six; the typical racehorse begins training at 18 months), to the incessant grinding of those bodies (if they’re not racing, they’re not earning), to forcing them to “race” at an unnatural rate (breakneck), in an unnatural way (always counter-clockwise), through unnatural means (perched, whip-wielding humans), to the commodification (the average racehorse is bought and sold multiple times, making long-term health of little concern to current “connections”), horseracing guarantees killing. Guarantees.

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  1. Lullula is another sickening example and victim of multiple racehorse killer Mike Maker and owner Michael Dubb.
    For every racehorse Maker kills he claims a bunch to replace them.
    The entire structure of this business facilitates the widespread cruelty and killing of racehorses.
    To hear them talk “reform” is so absurd to those of us who know the truth.
    Not only do they guarantee killing them on their tracks, but also dying on the slaughterhouse floor.
    This is the fundamental inescapable destiny of most all racehorses.

  2. Patrick, I appreciate that you covered a lot of points about the horse racing industry, how the horses are exploited and why the horses are doomed to be injured and killed. There is no reforming evil. You can’t fix stupid. The whole concept of true horsemanship is thrown out the window and replaced with a degenerate mentality of exploiting horses for money. If the horses are not killed at the racetracks and the farms, the owners will discard them to the livestock auctions and killbuyers. The horses are not treated like royalty because being treated like a subservient slave, doped, whipped, shocked, injured and forced to gallop FAST and FASTER is not royal treatment. It is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES FOR MONEY. There is no reforming this DEGENERATE mentality that has been ongoing for well over a century. Our taxes should NOT be supporting this degenerate horse-killing industry.
    It is sickening to read about the trainers online. The richest horse trainers are written about as though this brutalization of horses is desirable. The truth is that these licensed trainers are actually licensed BRUTALIZERS of horses and undesirable. They are no better than thugs being paid to kill…

    • When will there be federal oversight? The Feds know the history of NYRA very well.The also know that they are the only law enforcement agency that can bring NYRA down as in phone surveillance Servi$ & Navarro. All the other investigations will turn up nothing. Eye witnesses “I didn’t see anything” nobody ever see’s anything because they will be threatened,with deportation or blacklisted from every job and everyone on the racetrack.They need to be over seen and surveilled,By Fedral law enforcement

      • The FBI is so busy with so many different things that are so wrong that I don’t know how much time or staff they can devote to the wrongdoings within horse racing. Also, the FBI is bound/required to operate within the law or all of their time, efforts and resources would be wasted. If the FBI violated the rights of the criminals, the charges would be thrown out. You know criminals have rights. How else could “poster boy” Bob Baffert, for example, get away with as much as he does!?!?! His attorney, Craig Robertson, is right there to defend his immoral and corrupt pursuit of fame and fortune. Why let a thing like racketeering get in his way to future millions of dollars for fixing races?!?!?

  3. Always makes my gut twist when there’s a gap between the injury and euthanasia. Just too many stories of horses standing in their stalls with broken limbs and other injuries while their “loving connections” try to scrape as much as they can from the insurance.

    • Mine too. But at least at the New York tracks, they report their delayed deaths (“Euthanized at Rood and Riddle,” or, “Ambulanced to Ruffian, where poor prognosis necessitated euthanasia,” etc.) In California, thanks to the super-credible CHRB and its disgustingly exclusionary public Kill List policy, most of these poor, mortally injured horses are virtually GUARANTEED that “gap” of extended suffering. Their oh-so-compassionate connections have learned that the best way to avoid having their own good names aired for public condemnation is to force their poor, soon-to-be-dead animals OFF track grounds to be killed.
      Hours later? Weeks?
      At the equine hospital? On the shoulder of the 405?
      Doesn’t matter. The CHRB will NEVER tell the who, what, when, where, why and how of racehorse deaths (It’s all about that transparency they’re so famous for.)

      • Masters of Deception is what they are besides being greedy, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing monsters that are “proud of what they do” because you know they’re evil people that put money first and foremost, above all else.

      • And then there’s the image of Bridgett Maloney laying in the landfill that I will never get out of my mind.

        • Rebecca, you,Kelly and myself stayed on this through the whole sordid chain of events. RIP beautiful Bridget (9/25/2019)

          • We all have to choose our battles. But in something as universally hideous as horse racing, how can a person look at any one incident and say, “This! This is the wrong that made me see”? There’s just so, so many of them every freaking day.
            But poor Bridget definitely cracks the top, oh, thousand or so:(

            • I guess because I “knew” the truth, but to actually see it like that……..

              • Oh, no, I hope you don’t think I was referring to you — or anybody else who follows HW. I know YOU GET IT, Rebecca. I meant anyone who’s somehow still on the fence about this sick game. Next time I’ll try to be more clear:)

          • I did a Google search: “bridget moloney horse” and several pictures of BRIDGET MOLONEY lying dead on her side on the ground out in the open (along with the other garbage that would be considered normal to be in a landfill) show up. There are several different articles, one of which is about why BRIDGET MOLONEY was dumped in a landfill, and also that she did not die in vain. I was NOT AWARE OF THIS UNTIL NOW, believe it or not, but West Virginia had a STANDARD ROUTINE PRACTICE OF DUMPING DEAD HORSES IN THE LANDFILL for SEVERAL YEARS!!!
            The Gregory J. Reiter Memorial Fund is dedicated to making sure that horses will have a somewhat more dignified way of being (barf) “disposed of” and that necropsies will be done. I don’t know how much this is being followed or if some of the degenerates in horseracing are getting away with undignified methods of equine carcass disposal. It’s a hideous thought that horses will still be brutalized to death, but they are not supposed to be dumped in the landfill anymore. At least, that is my understanding, even though you know the horseracing people in WV are not going to welcome people with cameras and an agenda to expose West Virginia’s wrongdoings AGAINST horses.
            God only knows how many hundreds of killed racehorses have been dumped in the landfills in West Virginia. I suppose the number of equine carcasses disposed of in landfills is in the thousands over so many years. It takes what it takes to find these things out and for some of us it took BRIDGET MOLONEY in the photo and the internet, etc.

            • Wanda , whoever dumped her got away with it. Two years ago it was a big story
              Sad sad story and they left her racing socks on. There were 3 of us who followed this til the final outcome which of course we knew no one would take responsibility. The 3 of us never never will forget her EVER

              • My understanding is that PETA was the first to expose this atrocity to the public. This method of “equine carcass disposal” had been going on for years/decades in WV. Evidently, there were no laws against dumping dead racehorses in landfills in WV. IF there were any laws against this method of EQUINE CARCASS DISPOSAL in WV, they were not enforced in the State of West Virginia.
                Some decades ago, I heard of dead horses being buried in large pits on the grounds of Yakima Meadows Racetrack in Yakima, Washington. I never saw it first-hand because I wasn’t there, and I never saw any pictures of this routine practice of EQUINE CARCASS DISPOSAL at horseracing tracks anywhere prior to BRIDGET MOLONEY.

  4. Maim and claim game – kill one, claim another to replace that one – repeat.
    The cycle of killing and then claiming racehorses’ is evident and laid to bare with this statistic.
    In New York racing alone, in the last 6 weeks, there were 122 claims fueled by the high purse money as per the NY HBPA who controls the money and claiming policies.
    They immediately replaced the 23 killed, as stated above, and moved onto their next victims with zippo repercussions and a whole lot of zeal.
    In fact, multiple racehorse killer Linda Rice, who’s supposed to be suspended, is already right back in the game claiming FRILLS yesterday in the 2nd race at Belmont.
    There were a total of 3 claims in just this 1 race with the other 2 being MOVIE SCORE & VIRADIA.
    Obscene cruelty as we know that racehorses are running for their lives in claiming.
    It’s all one big doping and killing fest at the detriment of thousands of racehorses and New York residents whose casino profits are being taken by horse racing instead of being given to community essential services like education.

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