3-Year-Old “Suddenly Collapses and Expires”

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Tapitena “suddenly collapsed in [his] stall” at Finger Lakes Saturday – “and expired.” Here’s the thing: Tapitena was but three years old, an equine pubescent – “suddenly collapsed and expired.” He had also just been raced earlier in the week (a race, incidentally, before which he was sold). But worry not, folks, for the Commission is all over this: “hair sample(s) collected for testing – shipped to Cornell for necropsy – more to follow.” ‘Twould be risible if not for the deadly gravity of it all. (By the way, in my eight years on the job, there has never, not once, been “more that followed.”)


  1. These trainers are butchers , criminals, Arrest Steve Assmussen, Chad Brown, Brad Cox…jail these criminals….take away the triple crown title from Justify and American Pharoah…they are NOT TRUE TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS…

  2. Save your bullshit about the testing that will be done – again the “money” people never have to worry about the aspect of test results as there are always the pay offs done for every result that they want to have. All of you involved in horse racing are murderers – no other word for your gross lack of responsibility to these gorgeous horses. Karma can’t work fast enough to get rid of all of you.

  3. In his 1/8/21 race, Tapitena was racing for a $25,000 tag. In his last race on 5/31/21, he was racing for a mere $5,000 tag——-a significant drop in less than 5 months. Anyone have any thoughts (that they’re willing to discuss) how this drop may have precipitated his sudden death just a few days later? Criminals are getting a pass in horse racing. It’s pretty obvious.

  4. Replace horse & Greyhound racing w/ humans racing & can still keep the tracks & gambling industry going.

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