More Steeplechase Fun

From the Stewards’ Report for the Carolina Cup steeplechase held in Camden, South Carolina, May 22:

“FLAMETTA fell at the second last fence after missing a long spot.”

“SEA MAST chipped in…sustaining a rotational fall at the last fence.”

“KILRONAN was pulled up after the eleventh fence…reported to have a sore stifle.”

“PIK EM became fractious at the start – colliding with the running rail and breaking it causing a delay at the start. While the repair to the rail was taking place BODES WELL and LORD JUSTICE were kicked at the start.”

Then: “PIK EM fell at the 10th fence and was vanned off lame.”

Yes, the same horse who was “fractious” and “collided with the rail” would eventually fall and be “vanned off lame.”

Just another day of good, clean fun.

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  1. That was so thoughtful of the horse-loving owners and steeplechase veterinarian(s) to “scratch” the horse that broke the rail at the start. Oh, wait! They had time to repair the broken rail (THAT WAS BROKEN BY THE FRACTIOUS HORSE COLLIDING INTO IT) but they didn’t have “time” to examine and evaluate the possibility of injuries to the FRACTIOUS horse (THAT BROKE THE RAIL BY COLLIDING INTO IT). The horse named PIK EM must have really enjoyed the FRAT-PARTY-LIKE ATMOSPHERE going on at the scene of the debauchery…😡 Oops! Time for another drink. How about a double shot of illegal milkshake race injection…

  2. “Sure, we’re here to watch abused animals suffer life-ending injuries. But, more importantly, we’re here because our youthful wisdom must be put on full display — even though it’s hidden under our stupid hats and cool sherbet-colored pants.”

  3. Now that I have learned about the incredible suffering of these enslaved equines in the racing arena, not only is it heartbreaking to read about what is done to them, but it parallels the unspeakable atrocities visited upon both human and other animal species for millennia. We humans are so capable of cruelty and callousness! Those of us who care are obligated to intervene and try to stop these heinous acts. Once you know, you can’t stay silent.

    • Martha,
      You’ve expressed what I feel so eloquently, thank you!

      • Thank “you”, Kate! I guess once you know, you can’t go back. This industry involves daily, routine cruelty that is akin to that of anything in the animal agriculture business. It is equal to most suffering inflicted by deliberate torture onto humans, also. The suffering is equal in every way.

    • Martha, thank you so much for your voice against the brutalization and killings of horses exploited for racing!!!

    • Ms. Waltien—-You have a gift of words and writing. Can you post this on other animal welfare sites? I surely hope so! Kindest regards, j

  4. Those poor fun-loving people forced to wait while while a rail was repaired due to an “equine athlete” used to being “treated like royalty” and “loved like family” breaking through it, who then went on to be sent out onto the track anyway because he “loves to run”.
    I’m sure there were carrots and kisses waiting for him back at his stall.

    • Yes, Rebecca, and who knows how many extra kisses the loving trainer and groom gave PIK EM because of the lameness. Was it a tough decision between possible surgery or euthanasia? Or, was sending PIK EM to the killbuyer and the slaughterhouse the more “thoughtful” choice for the horse????

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