“Fractious” Babies

Some of the notes from the “Futurity Trials” at Ruidoso Downs Friday. As the name suggests, these are all babies – 2-year-olds – and save for four, under the whip for the very first time. Disgusting.

Martinica “bit reluctant”
Jess Take Babe “bit fractious”
Coronela “very fractious, gate”
Flume Chicks “bit fractious”
Liarliarlegsonfire “fractious at gate, hit gate, reared, pulled up”
Bad Kompany “bit fractious, gate”
Booking Lane “fractious, parade”
Hes Mister Dillon “fractious, gate”
Hanalei Bay “fractious, paddock”
Sweetyisrite “fractious, gate”
Blue to Be First “stumbled, pulled up”
Flash N Blaze “fractious behind gate”
Santi Corona “bit fractious”
Day Thuggin “fractious, gate”
On Da Edge “fractious, gate”
Dc Flying Cartel “bucked, lost rider”

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  1. Scared out of their innocent little baby minds, wide-eyed and terrified by what is happening to them. No one to help them, only yank them around, beat them mercilessly with the whip and shock them. How can humans be so cruel! And this is only the beginning…

  2. DC FLYING CARTEL, Congratulations for bucking and losing your whip wielding rider!!! Good job! Keep up the good work, DC…😂🤗🎇🎈

  3. Weird how you counted up 13 “FRACTIOUS” babies at Ruidoso on Friday. Then, on Saturday, there were at least eight more, all “FRACTIOUS” to some degree, according to the chartwriter. (Saturday’s runners were all pretty ancient, though, and a lot more of them were TBs — known for their calm and settled demeanor, ha ha — so that would explain the drop in reported “FRACTIOUSNESS.”)
    But the part I can’t quite figure out is Sunday’s near-total absence of “FRACTIOUS” horses. Did they get together beforehand and decide to be on their best behavior? Not likely. So I’m thinking somebody from Ruidoso read this post and decided to maybe ease up on the F-word.
    (Even racing creeps are starting to realize how bad they look when they blame their victims for all the horrible things that happen to them on the track.)

    • It is obvious to people who subscribe to the concept of true horsemanship that any horse being “FRACTIOUS” is a sign that the horse is not currently being treated with patience or kindness. Any horse being FRACTIOUS has not been treated properly. In HORSERACING, horses are NOT treated properly. Instead, horses are forced to gallop and gallop FAST before the age that is normal and acceptable in TRUE horsemanship. HORSERACING involves the most CRUEL & INHUMANE treatment in order to gain dominance and control over the horse for the very self-serving, selfish interests of the RACING PARTICIPANTS for “fun” and profit. Horseracing is for gamblers to make bets on the horses, purse money for the connections and, in general, horse ABUSERS seeking a monetary Return On Investment (ROI). If getting a ROI means fixing the outcome of a race, so be it. Bring out the legal drugs and, especially, the illegal drugs, but make sure you are part of “the good ol’ boy system” first. The racing participants exhibit deviant behaviors and this has been an ongoing process for centuries. In fact, the barbaric brutality of PIN FIRING the cannon bones of the front legs of horses has been a thing for over FIFTEEN CENTURIES.

      ABUSE inflicted on racehorses is “acceptable and normal” in the most disgusting and DEVIANT MINDS of DEGENERATE human beings. ABUSE inflicted on racehorses is totally UNACCEPTABLE in TRUE HORSEMANSHIP.

      The chartwriters have a job to do and if they don’t do what their bosses want, they could be out of a paycheck real quick. So I am hoping that there is a chartwriter who has the capability of listening to his or her conscience and is horrified and sickened by the abuse, brutality and cruelty to the horses enough to stop being a party to, and a part of, the carnage. There are two basic ways of ABUSING HORSES. There is the 1) HANDS ON way of inflicting ABUSE and there is the 2) HANDS OFF way of inflicting ABUSE on horses. The chartwriters and the Pari-Mutuel WAGERING staff & gamblers/bettors are the HANDS OFF WAY of ABUSING HORSES for racing.

      • Appreciate your thoughts, Wanda, but never gonna happen. Those chartwriters (and announcers, and secretaries, and administrators, and regulators, and “journalists,” and…) CAN’T develop a conscience, suddenly exercise integrity and decide to be credible, honest, transparent, and forthcoming about all the carnage that they themselves enable daily. They’re all just like the bettors; they CAN’T care how many animals are mangled in their sick game.

        • Kelly, I understand that there are those individuals who are wired in such a way that society categorizes them as INCORRIGIBLE. We have to believe that there is someone who walked into this cesspool of debauchery without knowing upfront what they were signing up for.

          • Yes, I’m sure there’s a whole lot of someones who walked in naively (dare I say, ignorantly, in my case). But they all walked right out again in disgust. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t leave the whole toxic industry behind years sooner. Slow learner, I guess:(

            • Kelly, join the club of “slow learners” if you want to call it that for a lack of a better terminology. I think there are other people out there that are still in that “phase” of learning and it’s possible that their circumstances may be difficult in getting out of this cesspool of debauchery called horseracing, to say the least.

        • Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. As you know many people have been involved in horseracing in some way, shape, or form but are now very much against the everyday brutalization of horses for gambling bets and financial gain.

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